Essential First Date Tips That Will Help You Dazzle Her

So you've finally convinced her to go on a date with you...

So you’ve finally convinced her to go on a date with you…

I am really irked with what these so-called “dating gurus” tell a lot of guys these days.

Besides saying there are magic words that mesmerize women instantly during a first date, going for a certain mode of dressing (mind you, supposedly the flashier, the better) also helps you pull off just that.

During my extensive research into the female psychology though, I discovered that there’s no such thing as an instant attraction when you take a woman out on a date for the first time. Making her like you and boosting your chances of scoring a second date is actually a process.

And I also learned a few key things during my research that will help you get this process started and keep it going to really dazzle the woman you’re out with. Make sure you read on to find out more…

Keep a close eye on your hygiene.

Sure this may sound rather simplistic, but looking and smelling nice is a priority if you’d like to impress your date. Not having this on your dating checklist is only going to lead to disaster sooner than you think.

See, women need visual reinforcement to be able to feel comfortable around a guy. This simply means you need to have the appearance (and smell) of someone who she wants to interact with to make her socialize with you.

Plus, showing up looking as fine as can be during a first date also gives her the impression that you’re responsible and trustworthy, which definitely scores you a lot of brownie points.

Make it a point to take a long shower and put on deodorant before your date. Pick an outfit that highlights your assets. Get rid of excess facial hair. Having a spritz of cologne or perfume also helps a lot. And remember not to overdo it on the accessories since they will make you look gaudy.

Engage her in a meaningful conversation.

Choosing the right topics to talk about is the right way to get a meaningful conversation going. There are no magic words or pick-up lines that help you get the job done. And the best way to start one? Ask her something trivial like what her favorite movie or book is and you’re on the right track.

Make it a point to listen to her intently while at it. Apart from helping you build an emotional connection with your date since she will feel you are doing your best to focus on her, you can also pick up a few things that can help you dazzle her more as you go along.

Go easy on the booze.

Sure it’s okay to have a serving or two of your favorite brew on a first date, but simply guzzling the stuff is going to make the whole thing turn sour. Besides making you act rather awkward, your conversational skills will also become horrible if you drink too much.

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