Tips How To Really Make Oral Sex Amazing For Her

Now here are a few tips to make oral sex more amazing for her.

Now here are a few tips to make oral sex more amazing for her.

If you’re anything like most guys, chances are you’d like your lover to enjoy the oral sex session you’ll be giving her when you’re at it.

However, you’re noticing that she doesn’t seem to have an awesome time when you get in action between the sheets these days. There’s no need to worry just yet though.

Here are a few simple tips you need to keep in mind to boost your chances of really giving her an amazing oral sex session:

Pay attention to your facial hair.

When it comes to oral sex, keeping a close eye on your facial hair is a priority if you’re looking to really pleasure your lover when you go down on her. Now while sporting a stylish beard or perhaps rocking a mustache is perfectly fine, overdoing it can easily make oral action uncomfortable for her.

Apart from making pleasurable feel more like annoying and uncomfortable, you can’t also stimulate her hot spots properly with all that facial hair in the way. Make sure you regularly trim your beard or mustache properly and you’ll be good to go.

Never go straight to the clitoris.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, immediately zeroing in on the clitoris is not going to be a very pleasurable experience for women. This is because although the clitoris is loaded with sensory nerves, not prepping it up for oral sex can make the whole experience rather uncomfortable.

Instead of going straight for the clitoris, make it a point to pleasure her other erogenous zones first like the nipples, inner thighs, labia and neck. And when she’s asking for her clitoris to be stimulated, that’s your cue to start the action.

Always remember to take it slow and easy when you’re orally pleasuring her clitoris though since it’s very sensitive. Overdoing it can be uncomfortable or even painful for her.

Multi-tasking while giving her oral sex works.

Simply stimulating a woman down under is not a surefire way of really giving her the oral sex satisfaction she wants.

Now while properly pleasuring your lover’s clitoris and vagina with your tongue and lips are surely going to help you kick things off to her oral sex pleasure, stimulating her other erogenous zones while at it will take the whole thing up a notch.

When you’re going down on your partner, make it a point to caress her nipples, run your fingers along her inner thighs or perhaps tickle her a bit. The more sensations she will experience, the more pleasurable your oral sex session will become.

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