Why She’s Not That Wet In The Bedroom These Days…

Here are a few reasons why she's not getting really wet during sex these days.

Here are a few reasons why she’s not getting wet enough during sex these days.

Now while I don’t mean this as something offensive, there is a very big chance that your lover is already finding it tough to get sufficiently lubricated when you are at it between the sheets no matter how hard you try.

So if you’re noticing that she’s not that wet down there as usual when you’re heating things up in the bedroom, here are a few possible reasons why you’re having trouble pulling it off these days:

You’re not making her feel fully relaxed.

Let’s kick things off with the most common reason why she’s having a tricky time getting wet: she is not completely relaxed during lovemaking. Unless she is fully so, chances are her body won’t be able to trigger the hormonal reaction needed to get her sufficiently lubricated down there.

See, the brain stimulates the endocrine system to produce and release particular hormones that set off key changes in a woman’s body during sexual arousal. And one of these is making her wet enough for action in the bedroom.

If she’s feeling rushed, distracted or perhaps having a notion that you’re pressuring her to get into it, your lover is just going to stay dry and no sex session will be happening anytime soon.

You’re doing the same things every time.

Sure you may have already pinpointed the techniques and erogenous zones that make your lover ready for a sex session, but simply going for the same things over and over can be rather bland for her sooner or later.

This is something called desensitization in which even the most pleasurable sensations tend to be cancelled out by the body because it became quite immune to these feelings over time. No matter how hard you try getting your partner wet, you won’t pull it off because she won’t experience them like she used to.

Always keep in mind that you should focus on the hot spots that you usually don’t concentrate on when you’re trying to heat things up between the sheets. Remember to mix up your techniques while at it to really get her gushing in no time at all.

You’re not paying attention to your hygiene.

Although I don’t mean any offense with this one, not giving your hygiene the attention it really needs can be quite off-putting to your partner, especially when it comes to making her wet down there during sex.

Make it a point to take regular showers, put on deodorant and just make sure you look and smell nice and you’re good to go. Plus, paying close attention to your hygiene can also help boost your confidence in the process so it’s a win-win situation.

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