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Here's why you should masturbate more often...

Here’s why you should masturbate more often…

I’ve always been asked by a lot of guys if masturbation is beneficial to the body. Well, you’ll find out in a few moments why it should be on your regular schedule if you’re looking to become a better lover and more.

Now while this may sound surprising, masturbation is more than just about pleasuring yourself. It also has a few awesome benefits that will definitely boost your performance in the bedroom. Here are some good reasons why you should start making it a point to masturbate frequently…

Masturbation helps you discover your sexual peak.

Stimulating yourself is one way to have an idea when you are the most sexually aroused. A lot of men don’t even have the slightest clue where they are when it comes to their sexual peak, or the highest level of sexual arousal.

Not knowing if you’re already at your sexual peak or near it just leads to something quite terrible the next time you and your lover are getting frisky in the bedroom: premature ejaculation.

Having an idea what your sexual peak is basically lets you know when you should slow down and take it easy during lovemaking since you’re just moments away from orgasm if you carry on with the speed and intensity you’re having.

Masturbation helps you do just that since you are more in control of the “action” while at it.

You can stave off some health issues by masturbating.

Did you know that masturbating regularly helps clear out the toxins and free radicals that may have accumulated in and around your colon?

Allowing these free radicals and toxins to build up continuously will potentially cause serious health problems in the long run like colon cancer and other diseases that can significantly affect your reproductive system.

Having a self-stimulation session at least four times a week is enough to get the job done. Just make sure you have enough lubrication whenever you’re getting busy to avoid feeling sore down there.

Masturbation can help you burn off calories.

Sure this may sound very surprising, but masturbation is a minor form of exercise. Apart from increasing your heart rate and blood pressure, it also stimulates your body to react as if you’re brisk walking or doing some other activity that can help you sweat it out if you do it long enough.

So how about having masturbation in your regular schedule and see the difference in your sex life sooner than you think?

So you'd like to ace your next date...

So you’d like to ace your next date…

Unlike what most people think, acing a first date isn’t all about getting lucky. It is actually keeping in mind a few things that will help you make the woman you’re out with feel that you are a catch.

So if you’re still having trouble scoring that second date you’ve always wished for, here are a few simple tricks that will help you pull it off…

Pay close attention to your hygiene.

Sure this may sound rather simplistic, but not giving your hygiene the attention it deserves before going on a date will easily slim down your chances of convincing a woman to go out with you another time.

See, apart from making your date feel that you’re sloppy and irresponsible, one of the biggest turn-offs women have during social interactions is looking and smelling bad.

No matter how good-looking you are, your date is going to end sooner than you’d like to if she gets a whiff of something unpleasant. Likewise, the same thing also happens if you smell like a million bucks, but your appearance isn’t up to par.

Taking regular showers, using deodorant as well as brushing and flossing properly are just a few of the things you need to take note of to really get the job done.

Listen to your date intently.

Making it a point to listen to your date is something that should be on your checklist to ensure she’ll be eager to go out with you for a second time.

This is because a woman feels that you’re someone that makes her happy and safe when you’re listening to her intently. I know this sounds a bit crazy, but you’re actually boosting a woman’s serotonin levels when she has the notion that you are following her every word.

Serotonin is basically a hormone that uplifts a woman’s mood and reduces her predisposition to anxiety, which can be quite tricky to do during a first date since you’re still basically a stranger to her.

Keep in mind to have a few interesting topics for discussion as well to really fire her up for a second date.

Take things slow.

Being too aggressive during a date only makes a woman feel that you are impatient and not a fun guy to be with. Take time to talk to your date with the intention of knowing her better instead of sounding that you have other intentions.

You can easily move to that part of the action if you play your cards right…

Having lots of fiber in your diet can help you become a better lover...

Having lots of fiber in your diet can help you become a better lover…

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly believe, making fiber-rich foods a mainstay in your regular diet isn’t just for hardcore fitness buffs. It is actually one way to improve your performance during lovemaking.

I know this sounds crazy right now, but you’ll soon find out why fiber should be one of things that you need to load up on frequently.

Fiber helps you boost your sexual stamina.

While researching extensively into the male sexuality, I’ve discovered that having high levels of cholesterol in the body can hamper you from really satisfying your lover between the sheets.

This is because your sexual stamina levels are going to dip down significantly to the point that you will be simply too tired to go on before you even get your partner going in the bedroom, which is definitely a deal-breaker to any woman when it comes to sex.

Interestingly, fiber helps the body pick up the pace on neutralizing cholesterol and expelling it from the system. Simply allowing cholesterol to accumulate in the body will lead to health issues like high blood pressure and heart problems as well.

Your blood flow will remain optimal.

Fiber has a very unique attribute that helps you boost your sexual performance: it gets rid of plaque that can build up along the linings of arteries and veins, which can hamper blood flow sooner or later.

And when something prevents blood from reaching the erectile tissues of the penis during sexual arousal, getting a strong erection can be very tough. Although there is still a chance that you can get hard, it will be only very weak and lasts quicker than you’d like to.

Just to make things even scarier, the accumulation of plaque in the veins and arteries can also lead to stroke, heart attack and other serious health issues.

Staying in shape won’t be extremely challenging.

Fiber helps fire up the body’s metabolism, which plays a key role when it comes to maintaining an ideal weight. Going over your ideal weight not just makes you vulnerable to a number of problems with your overall wellness like diabetes and hypertension, but can also have an effect on your appearance.

And it’s not a secret that looks boost your chances of attracting women, especially during dates and similar social interactions, so having a fit body will surely make the whole thing easier for you to pull off.

(Now here’s why getting a pair of running shoes today can help you become a better.)

Making these mistakes can ruin your first date...

Making these mistakes can ruin your first date…

If you’re anything like most men, you probably think that acing a first date is as easy as looking like a movie star. A few spritzes of an expensive cologne also helps boost your chances of doing just that as well.

However, having a successful date is more than just looking and smelling great. It is also avoiding making these mistakes that a lot of guys don’t even have the slightest clue they are doing them already.

Dating Mistake #1: Not listening to her attentively.

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes a lot of guys make when they’re out with a woman is not listening intently to them when they are engaged in a conversation. Apart from giving them the notion that you are interested in their ideas and feelings, you are also making them feel anxious and impatient.

See, listening is one way to establish trust with your date. Unless you make a woman feel that she can easily open up to you, chances are she won’t be trusting you anytime soon, which also means that it’s game over when it comes to your date.

Moreover, besides blowing your chances of making your date successful, you won’t also get to know the woman you’re out with better that can easily help you plan your next strategy to make her fall for you.

Dating Mistake #2: Talking too much.

Not listening attentively to your date is one thing and talking too much is another. Simply not giving the woman you’re out with the chance to share her ideas easily turns her off.

This is because your date will think that you are self-centered and rather difficult to engage in a discussion with. And when this happens, your chances of earning her trust are going to be bleak.

Keep in mind to make the conversation mostly about your date and you’ll be just fine. Make it a point to find out a few interesting things about the woman you’re out with like her favorite fruit or movie and the discussion will flow smoothly.

Dating Mistake #3: Revealing a lot about yourself.

Women like a bit of mystery when it comes to their dates. Simply opening yourself up to a woman as soon as you engage in a discussion is definitely a no-no because she will think you’re boring since you’ve already bared it all.

Have a few mysterious details here and there to intrigue her and you’ll pull off a successful date in no time.