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Make her more adventurous in the bedroom with these tips.

Make her more adventurous in the bedroom with these tips.

There are times when you just wished that your lover was a bit more adventurous in the bedroom. If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably fantasized about her being more open to new sexual positions and make love more often than usual.

Well, my friend, what if I told you that there are 4 simple ways to do just that when things get hot in bed with your lover? Sure the whole thing may sound a bit complicated right now, but it will all add up when you follow along…

Tip #1: Compliment her sincerely.

Expressing how you adore your lover’s body makes her more comfortable about showing it off and she might even take her wild factor in bed up a notch while at it. Just keep in mind that you should not compliment the same body parts over and over again since she might feel there’s something wrong about the other ones.

Moreover, make sure you don’t overdo it in the process as well. Now while it’s alright to say you love how her legs look or perhaps how perky her breasts are every seven minutes or so, simply giving her a lot of compliments in a very short amount of time will make you sound like you’re just fooling her.

Tip #2: Encourage her to try new things.

A lot of men sometimes get frustrated when it comes to sex because their lovers aren’t that willing to try new positions between the sheets. They seem to forget that while women love sex as much as guys do, they can have a lot of inhibitions about trying stuff that they don’t usually have in their sexual checklist.

This is where encouragement comes in. You need to reassure her that everything will go just fine and she will find the experience pleasurable, too. Just don’t make your partner feel that you are rushing her into it or else it might ruin her mood instantly.

Tip #3: Improve your hygiene.

Your overall hygiene can make or break your chances of making your lover wilder in the bedroom. See, women are very particular with how their partners look and smell during lovemaking and they can lose their sexual momentum if they think you’re sending out the wrong visual and nasal cues.

Besides making it a point to shower regularly and using deodorant, it is also a smart idea to dress appropriately to really sweep her off her feet. Top it off with a subtle woody or musky scent and you’re guaranteed to get her going wilder than usual in no time.

Here's how to know if she's just faking her orgasms...

Here’s how to know if she’s just faking her orgasms…

Although women love sex as much as men do, there will be times when they will just put on a performance between the sheets because they haven’t been stimulated enough to really get going in bed.

Or they’re just plain exhausted or perhaps simply self-conscious that their partners might feel bad for not giving them the satisfaction that they’ve always wanted in bed.

Sure you may think that you’re always making your lover orgasm each time you have sex, but there is a good chance that she’s just faking them some of the time. Here are a few simple pointers on how to know if she’s getting the real deal or simply giving you a show:

She isn’t having quick and shallow breaths.

A woman’s body goes through a lot of sexual impulses during lovemaking. It virtually goes into overdrive to deal with each particular impulse, which means it needs more lung power to accommodate the significant increase in the intake of oxygen in the system.

When a woman almost reaches orgasm, this is when her lungs work the hardest. If she really is getting a genuine orgasm, your lover will be in a state of panting and breathlessness at the same time. If she’s not, well, she’s just taking you for a ride.

She isn’t breaking into a sweat.

As I have pointed out earlier, a woman’s body is working hard to take care of the sexual impulses that are happening in her system. The activity in her body can be compared to her having a quick jog or perhaps engaging in some sort of aerobics, which means she’ll be perspiring while at it.

You can easily tell if your lover is just pretending to have an orgasm if she doesn’t even have a bead or two of sweat in the more conspicuous areas of her body like the forehead or face. If she’s practically dry, then chances are she’s just faking it.

She doesn’t appear flushed.

An immense flow of blood is channeled all over a woman’s body during sex and will even become stronger when she is close to orgasm. It’s so strong that it will even make some parts of her body appear red or flushed like the chest, forehead, lips and cheeks.

If your partner is moaning and gyrating like crazy, but her complexion stays the same, there’s a possibility that she’s just pretending to reach the Big O. Just to set things straight, no amount of acting can top the real thing.