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Make her excited for lovemaking with these simple pointers.

Make her excited for lovemaking with these simple pointers.

Convincing your lover to get between the sheets with you can be a tedious process. Apart from slowly building up her sexual arousal bit by bit, you have to take note of a few important elements to make sure you’ll pull the whole thing off easily.

Unlike what a lot of guys think, it’s not really that complicated. So if you’re looking to make her get between the sheets without a fuss the next time you feel frisky, here are some key pointers that will boost your chances of making her say yes.

Use a gentler voice.

Sure this may seem quite simplistic, but having a gruff voice when you’re looking to score some sexy time with your lover in the bedroom can easily turn her off. According to a study by the State University of New York at Albany, women are more inclined to get it on with guys who sound gentle and caring rather than those whose voices make them think about rough sex.

Just to make things easier for you, keep in mind to pronounce your words slower than usual in a softer tone. Interestingly, it also gives your partner the impression that you’re patient and will do anything to please her in bed.

Smell like a million bucks.

Women are very sensitive to the sense of smell. It’s so influential with their sexual arousal that you can get your partner going almost immediately if she thinks you smell really nice. On the other hand, it can also instantly curb her sexual interest if she’s having the idea that you simply reek.

Make it a point that you’ve already taken a shower and splashed on deodorant before you ask her to get rocking in bed with you. You can also use musky and woody colognes to take it up a notch. They just don’t smell really clean, but they won’t also get too aggressive if you accidentally put on more than you ought to.

Exercise with her.

Sweating it out with your lover for at least half an hour excites her adrenaline glands. Aside from making her blood pressure rise and increase her breathing levels, a boost in adrenaline also makes her feel more open to sex. There’s also something about men’s sweat that turns women on, so make sure you use it to your advantage. Other smart choices to go for are exciting activities like roller coaster rides and sports.

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Simple ways how you can make yourself more of a catch among women...

Simple ways how you can make yourself more of a catch among women…

A lot of guys mistakenly think that attracting women is all about having the looks of a movie star, a hefty bank account or perhaps a flashy car that can burn rubber the moment you step on the gas.

Now while this may sound surprising, making women attracted to you is not as complicated as you think. And you don’t have to have all the attributes that I’ve mentioned earlier either.

So is you’re looking to become more of a catch among the opposite sex, here are a few simple pointers that you can use to get the job done:

Learn how to dance.

Sure dancing may be one of the least manly things you can think of, but it is scientifically proven as one of the activities that can make women notice you. Apart from giving them the impression that you’re confident, busting a few physically exhausting moves also makes them think that you can last long in bed.

Learning how to dance isn’t that tricky, too. All it takes is awareness to the music and body coordination. Don’t worry if you aren’t perfecting your dance moves yet. Practice makes perfect though.

Show women you’re healthy.

Women have a soft spot for fit and healthy guys. Don’t talk about how much liquor you’ve managed to drink over the weekend or perhaps all the cigarettes you smoked when you get the chance to talk to her. It doesn’t just make you look rather immature, but also very careless about your overall well-being.

And the best thing about being healthy? You are definitely going to look good and won’t tire easily when it comes to getting between the sheets, which scores you a lot of brownie points with women any day.

Don’t brag.

Sure you may have all the stuff that other men want and women can appreciate, but telling them about it directly can be a very big turn off. Don’t show off about how much money you’re earning or namedrop a few famous people. Instead of getting a positive reaction, majority of women will only think you’re just full of hot air.

Show women how very humble you are instead and try to learn more about her when you’re engaged in a conversation. It makes you look more sensitive and caring, which are absolutely winning attributes for women. Keep in mind to listen intently rather than talk and talk.

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Here are 3 of the most ridiculous erectile dysfunction myths.

Here are 3 of the most ridiculous erectile dysfunction myths.

Failing to get an erection when things get really hot in the bedroom can be very disappointing.

However, finding out that you’ve been duped for a long time with a few ridiculous erectile dysfunction myths can be rather stinging as well.

Make sure you follow along to learn some of the most absurd myths about not getting rock hard when you want to and easily keep away from them like you should.

Myth #1: You’re not getting hard because you are not sexually attracted to your lover anymore.

A lot of men mistakenly think that if they’re not rising up to the occasion like they should, it probably means that they have lost their sexual interest with their lover. They fail to take into consideration that they may have a few unpleasant habits that make them go soft between the sheets.

These commonly include smoking and drinking too much, not exercising regularly as well having a bad diet. These just lead to problems in blood flow that make it tough for the erectile tissues in the penis to get firm and sustain it long enough for sexual intercourse to happen.

Myth #2: You’re not getting hard because you are old.

Unlike what most guys believe, getting older will not make you lose your ability to get an erection or even affect its intensity in any way at all. Reaching the age of 50, 60 or beyond will not automatically make you a sufferer of the dreaded softie syndrome.

And what makes the whole thing interesting is that older men who think they have erectile dysfunction only have it because they’ve programmed their mindsets that they are losing their abilities to get hard on demand. Remember that having a positive frame of mind counts a lot when it comes to achieving a stable erection.

Myth #3: You’re not getting hard because you are masturbating too much.

Masturbation will not ruin your chances of getting an erection. The only negative effects of masturbating too often are chafing and a sore feeling around your penis due to constant stroking. Remarkably, making it a point to masturbate regularly does have a couple of benefits.

First, it helps relieve stress. The pleasurable feelings you experience when you stimulate yourself release a lot of happy hormones called dopamine in the brain and instantly improve your mood. Second, it also helps keep the muscular walls of your penis in tiptop shape, making it easier to get an erection.

Here are  few pointers to keep in mind when you want to convince her to have anal sex with you.

Here are few pointers to keep in mind when you want to convince her to have anal sex with you.

Anal sex is no doubt on top of the sexual bucket lists of men around the world.

Aside from promising sensations that a lot of guys have never felt before, sexually penetrating your lover in the anus also has a forbidden charm to it that makes it really tempting to give a try at least once.

Sure you may be very eager to give anal sex a shot, but chances are your lover won’t be that crazy to try it. There’s no need to worry just yet though. Here are a few simple tricks that you can use to boost your chances of convincing her to give it a try sooner or later:

Talk to her about it.

One of the easiest ways to convince your lover to try anal sex is by talking about it. However, I would just like to point out that this should be done out of the bedroom, in a non-sexual setting to avoid overwhelming her one way or another.

You can break it to your partner gently while watching TV or perhaps when you are having a nice lunch together. Tell her you’d like to try anal sex at least once and ask her what she thinks about it. Keep in mind not to sound desperate while at it as well to avoid turning her off.

Stimulate her anus during foreplay.

Your lover is sure to only feel awkward if you just stimulate her anus all of a sudden during your sex session. Make it a point to integrate it in your list of erogenous zones to stimulate during foreplay. This will condition her mind bit by bit that she won’t feel the least freaked out when you do it.

Keep in mind to use this time to tease your partner, too. Tickle the areas around her anus. Kiss her butt cheeks lovingly. Make her feel that you’re simply in love with her anus every time things get spicy in the bedroom, but promptly cut it when you feel that she is slowly reciprocating.

There’s even a good chance that she’ll be the one initiating anal sex if you play your cards right. (Here’s a simple trick to make her want more sex.)

Don’t pressure her.

Anal sex can be a bit taboo to women and your lover may look at it as something she needs to be comfortable with before she wants to get in on the action. Don’t get frustrated or angry at her if she won’t consent to the idea of doing it in the backdoor immediately. Never make your lover feel that you’re already forcing her to do it.

If you get rejected once or twice, don’t worry. You’ll have lots of time to try again. And the extra time waiting will also make the experience even more amazing.