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Find out the signs that tell if she is really in the mood for sex.

Find out the signs that easily tell if she is really in the mood for sex.

Women can sometimes be very tricky to decipher between the sheets.

There are times when you think you’ve already got her going for lovemaking, but you find out that she still needs a bit of warming up, which can be a bit disappointing.

Now while your lover may not have neon signs all over her body that light up when she’s in the mood for sex, there are actually simple ways you can use to tell if she’s ready to jump in bed with you.

Make sure you follow along to learn what these are…

Check her breathing.

When a woman feels sexually aroused, the hormonal patterns in her body are disrupted. Besides raising up her blood pressure levels, her pulse also quickens and her body temperature climbs. Due to this sudden increase in temperature, the body compensates by breathing faster to cool off. This ultimately makes her breathing shallower and quicker.

Her skin becomes red.

Your lover’s blood flow basically becomes more active during sexual arousal. This is because akin to men, blood flow is also channelled to her sexual organs to make them function properly during lovemaking. While this is happening, the extra amounts of blood tend to pool in specific areas like the chest, neck, thighs and armpits. If you’re in doubt, better give them a quick peek.

Look at her eyes.

A woman’s eyes tend to glaze over when she gets sexually aroused. As I have pointed out earlier, this is because of the hormonal changes that are happening in her body. The next time you two get frisky between the sheets, make it a point to catch a glimpse of her eyes, especially the pupils. If they’ve noticeably widened, then you’re in business.

Check if she’s licking her lips.

A woman’s brain sends out massive doses of the natural chemical, dopamine, when she is sexually aroused. This basically makes her lose her inhibitions and do a number of things she doesn’t normally do like clicking her lips, cocking her head from side to side and even arching her back. You can also expect to see a sultry smile in there, too.

She becomes fidgety.

A lot of sensations hit a woman when she is sexually aroused that she’s basically confused how to react to them all at once. You can tell that she’s feeling the mood for love if she seems to be very agitated, but in a good way. Don’t mind what she does. Just get into action.

(Now here’s a simple habit that could easily damage your sex life.)

Bring back her sexual interest by giving these tips a try.

Bring back her sexual interest by giving these tips a try.

If you hear your lover say “I’m not in the mood” or “I’ve got a headache” just every time you’re feeling frisky in the bedroom, chances are you need to have a few changes on your sexual checklist to make her want to get in action between the sheets again.

So if you’re looking to easily take your partner’s sex drive off the charts, here are a few pointers you have to keep in mind to help you pull it off:

Ask her what she really wants.

Sometimes simply asking your partner what she wants to do in bed encourages her to participate more during lovemaking. Make it a point to get her talking when you’re in the mood so you know how to really get her going. You might even be surprised when she drops hints about the things you’d like to try as well like anal sex and other stuff.

Improve your hygiene.

Women are very particular with how a guy looks and smells when sexual arousal is concerned. If she thinks you’re not giving off the right nasal and visual cues, your lover won’t that be too excited to start getting things spicy in bed when you’re in the mood.

Apart from making sure that you shower regularly, also have brushing and flossing on your schedule daily. Using deodorant and trimming your nails are good additions to your hygienic checklist as well. Top it off with a spritz of cologne or perfume and you’re sure to be in business sooner than you think.

Take her somewhere exciting.

Studies show that a spike in adrenaline levels among women promotes the rise in hormones that help them get sexually aroused. Remember to take your lover to a hiking trip, a rollercoaster ride, skydiving or simply any kind of activity that will get her adrenaline levels rising. You’ll be rewarded with more time between the sheets with her.

Boost your sexual stamina.

A lot of women become disinterested in sex because their partners simply can’t last long enough to give them the satisfaction they’ve always wanted. If you’re noticing that you don’t seem to last as long between the sheets as before, then you’ve got to deal with it properly as soon as you can.

There are a lot of ways you can go for to boost your sexual stamina, such as having regular exercise in your schedule and having a healthy diet, just to name a couple. Sweating it out also strengthens your muscles and optimizes your blood flow, so you won’t have a problem getting rock hard when you need to.

Here are ways to deal with stress properly to keep your sex life awesome.

Here are ways to deal with stress properly to keep your sex life awesome.

Now while this may sound surprising, going through extreme stress repeatedly will eventually lead to problems between the sheets. Apart from losing your ability to achieve stable erections, not knowing how to handle stress properly will also lead to premature ejaculation.

So if you’re looking to keep your sex life in full swing, make sure you follow along to find out some of the best ways to handle stress properly without a fuss…

Drink alcohol moderately.

Although it’s medically proven that consuming alcohol can help the heart become stronger, scientists discovered that drinking like a fish when you’re going through stress only makes its effects stronger and more disruptive to the mind and body. Remember to down just a couple of servings of your favorite brew and you’re already good to go.

And just to make things clear, smoking doesn’t have any health benefits at all. Nicotine only causes erratic heart rhythms and can block flood flow, which can hinder you from achieving an erection and keeping it long enough for lovemaking.

Put exercise on your regular schedule.

Sweating it out regularly releases dopamine or happy hormones in the brain. These natural chemicals not only help get rid of the negative effects of stress, but also keep mood swings and anxiety attacks at bay. Making it a regimen to exercise for at least 15 minutes daily is already a good way to kick things off.

Hiking, swimming and playing your favorite ballgame are also recommended. Come to think of it, exercise keeps the effects of aging like wrinkles at bay as well. Plus, you won’t be easily getting out of breath when things get hot in the bedroom.

Load up on fruits and vegetables.

Now while a lot of men reach for over the counter medicines and other pharmaceutical products that claim to get rid of stress when they’re feeling the heat, you’re probably going to find some of the best stuff to help you do just that by simply checking out your kitchen pantry.

Veggies and fruits contain essential nutrients that not only ease stress levels, but also boost your body’s overall immune system so you’ll be ready to get between the sheets anytime your lover gets frisky. Have at least a single portion with every meal.

Manage your time properly.

Not having sufficient time management skills can result to being more and more stressed. Now while there will be times when your work will become rather hectic, knowing how to manage your time properly will make all the difference.

Apart from speeding up your productivity, you’ll also have more time to enjoy the things you love, which can immediately relieve your stress and anxiety levels in no time at all. A lot of men mistakenly think they are stressed because they feel they are busy most of the time.

Keep a positive mindset.

Thinking positively is perhaps one of the smartest ways to deal with stress. Guys who have negative mindsets only end up getting extremely anxious and find themselves virtually incapable of doing things suitably. Sure there will be times when you’ll feel under the sun, but nothing beats positive thinking to fix it easily.