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Learn how positive thinking can help you last longer in bed...

Learn how positive thinking can help you last longer in bed…

If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably experienced coming rather too soon from time to time during sex.

Now while there may be a lot of possible instances why you ejaculated prematurely, the primary reason why a lot of guys don’t last long in bed is because they don’t think positively.

Sure this may sound surprising, but negative thinking can ruin your chances of actually giving your lover the sexual satisfaction she wants.

Make sure you follow along to learn how thinking positively can help you extend your bedroom playing time easily.

It helps you relax better.

Now while men and women can be very different when it comes to getting sexually aroused, guys still need to be relaxed with themselves so they won’t ejaculate too quickly during lovemaking.

Anxiety doesn’t just affect a man’s ability to get a stable erection, but can also disrupt his ability to last long between the sheets because he feels he extremely stressed instead of being pleasured. Moreover, you can also make your lover feel awkward while at it because chances are your movements are going to be somewhat clumsy and uncoordinated.

It helps you think about how you can pleasure her better.

Come to think of it, can you really focus on giving a woman the sexual pleasure she’s always wanted if all the things in your head are negative?

Besides having the possibility of doing the wrong things that won’t give her as much sexual pleasure, you can also experience a panic attack in the process if you overload your mind with negative thinking.

Positive thinking not only allows you to properly plan out your sexual strategy, but it can help you carry it out without a fuss as well. Your movements will be more fluid and she won’t feel you’re rushing her in any way, too.

It helps you become more sensitive with your body’s sexual responses.

As I have emphasized earlier, negative thinking won’t just lead to your having trouble getting an erection, but successfully lasting long in bed like you want as well.

This is because it basically warps the way your body reacts to sexual stimuli. Sure you can still get an erection and feel pleasure during sex, but it isn’t as good when your mind is not shrouded in negative thoughts.

It’s like forcing yourself to enjoy something you really don’t find enjoyable. And here’s the thing, if you’re more sensitive to your sexual responses, you can easily gauge your movements to avoid coming too soon. You can easily go faster and slower during lovemaking without worrying about ejaculating prematurely.

Remember these tips when you and your lover have anal sex.

Remember these tips when you and your lover have anal sex.

Anal sex is definitely one of the things that can be found in every man’s lovemaking bucket list and I bet it’s in yours as well.

Now while you’ve probably thought about getting it on in the backdoor with your lover rather too often, chances are you still haven’t spent time listing the things you should remember if you do get lucky one of these days.

So if you’re looking to pleasure her with anal sex, here are things you should have down to pat to really get her going…

Use lots of lube.

Anal sex is absolutely far from engaging in vaginal sex. The anus does not produce a natural lubricant to deal with any friction that may occur when you get into action. You need to get your hands on quality lubrication and lots of it if you’re planning to make your anal sex session unforgettable for your lover.

Make sure you grab a water-based lubricant instead of an oil-based variety while at it. Besides having a more natural feel, water-based lubricants are also more hypo-allergenic and won’t have you or your partner suffering from rashes and other nasty stuff afterward.

Start really, really slow.

Now while you may be very tempted to get at it as fast as you can when it comes to anal sex, always remember to start things off really slow. The anus is basically designed to get things out instead of the other way around so you should be very careful when you sexually penetrate your lover anally.

Provided that you already applied a lot of lubrication, start inserting your penis a quarter of an inch at a time and gauge her reaction while at it. Never try to shove the whole thing inside her anus at once or else you’ll end up hurting her…not mentioning ending your anal sex romp somewhat prematurely.

Reapply lubrication now and then.

There will come a time when that generous application of lube will simply peter out. You need to apply a liberal amount again to ensure that your lover won’t feel any discomfort while you’re having anal sex. And just to make things clear, never think about scrimping on lube even once.

Stay with the anus until it’s over.

No matter what you do, never put your penis inside her vagina when it’s been in her anus. You are only putting her at risk of contracting a number of health issues when you do it. Should you want to shift from anal sex to vaginal sex, make sure you wash your genitals carefully with soap and water before you do it.

(And now we’ve got that covered, here’s one weird reason why you always come too soon.)

Learn how to keep the intensity of your erections with these simple pointers...

Learn how to keep the intensity of your erections with these simple pointers…

Maintaining the intensity of your erections is definitely a priority if you’d like to always give your lover an unforgettable time between the sheets.

However, going for the wrong methods to do just that will only lead to more harm than good sooner than you think.

Now while there are countless medicines and creams available these days that claim they can easily help you keep the intensity of your erections at maximum, you’re also putting yourself at risk of going through a number of health problems like hypertension and irregular heart rate while doing so.

So if you’re looking to maintain and improve your erections without having any horrible side effects in the long run, here are a few simple pointers that you should keep in mind…

Free yourself from severe anxiety.

Worrying too much can easily affect your ability to achieve and maintain a stable erection. It’s because the brain sends alarm signals all over your body that spike your adrenaline levels, which only make you rather jittery and extremely nervous.

Make it a point to learn how to get rid of excessive levels of stress properly. Two of the simplest solutions you can go for are engaging in sports or taking up a hobby. Neglecting to do so can eventually result to your erections getting weaker and weaker.

Eat a lot of blueberries.

Blueberries contain some of the highest levels of antioxidants found in nature. Apart from effectively shielding you from various inflammations, infections and other health problems, these antioxidants also help keep your blood flow optimal, which is the top requirement when it comes to getting strong erections.

Just to make things even more awesome, blueberries are also loaded with soluble fiber that flushes bad cholesterol out of the body before they are absorbed into the bloodstream. Excessive bad cholesterol tends to stick along the linings of arteries and clog them up. Besides weakening your erections, you’re also in for heart disease and stroke in the long run.

Kick the habit.

Smoking is one vice you should definitely keep clear from if you’re looking to maintain your ability to get strong erections. Apart from making you smell like an ashtray and stain your teeth, nicotine also accumulates along the blood vessels and arteries and blocks normal blood flow.

Sweat it out.

Exercise plays a very significant role in having strong erections when you need one. It basically strengthens your heart, which supplies the blood to the erectile tissues of your penis. A vigorous 30-minute exercise regimen every day will already do the trick.

Here are the reasons why you should start exercising regularly to become a better lover.

Here are the reasons why you should start exercising regularly to become a better lover.

If you’re anything like most guys, you’ve probably fantasized about getting your hands on a magic pill that can help you become a better lover between the sheets.

Unfortunately, such a pill does not exist. However, there’s one realistic approach that you can go for to improve your abilities as a lover.

And it’s making exercise a mainstay in your schedule. Sure it may sound a bit clich√© right now, but you’ll soon find out why you should sweat it out regularly when you follow along…

Exercise makes the muscles strong.

At its simplest, sex is basically a type of workout. You spend a significant amount of energy moving your body when you and your lover are at it in bed. And you could be in for a lot of possible problems during sex if you don’t make it a point to strengthen your muscles by exercising.

You see, normally inactive muscles can get shocked if they are subjected to strenuous activity unexpectedly. Your calves could freeze up and you could feel burning in your arms just a few moments into your sex session. This is why you need to strengthen them to avoid inconveniences that could ruin the mood immediately.

Exercise prevents you from getting out of breath soon enough.

Sweating it out basically trains your lungs to become stronger and more resilient during activities that can be rather tiresome. Besides preventing you from getting prematurely winded down when you and your partner get into action, you are also able to hold your breath longer if the “situation” needs it.

Exercise keeps the heart in great shape.

The heart is the one in charge of pumping blood all over the body to organs, muscles and tissues that need it the most. It’s also the one responsible for channeling enough blood to the penis to make sure you can get rock hard in no time for lovemaking.

Exercising is a great way to keep your ticker in excellent condition. Being sedentary only makes your heart become weaker and weaker over time, which can lead to a number of health issues. Apart from putting you at risk of arrhythmia, hypertension, diabetes and stroke, you could also experience not having the same intensity with your erections the least you expect it.

Exercise can boost your testosterone levels.

Medical research reveals that men who have higher testosterone levels can respond better to sexual arousal than guys who have less than what they’re supposed to have. This can easily relate to the time they can achieve a stable erection and have an orgasm. In short, men who exercise regularly pretty much last longer in bed.