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Getting rid of sexual performance anxiety isn't as complicated as you think.

Getting rid of sexual performance anxiety isn’t as complicated as you think.

Now while this may sound surprising, a lot of guys don’t last long in bed than they’d like to because they simply think too much.

Overthinking before or during lovemaking only leads to one thing…sexual performance anxiety. And it can easily ruin your chances of giving your lover the sexual satisfaction she wants between the sheets.

Medical researchers in Michigan discovered that thinking too much can disrupt the flow of hormones that are responsible for orgasm. The brain normally receives ideal amounts of hormones from sexual arousal all the way through orgasm.

When a guy is experiencing sexual performance anxiety, the brain is flooded with an overload of hormones that instantly makes it go into overdrive. Instead of making you last longer during lovemaking and giving your partner an unforgettable time, you’ll only see yourself reaching orgasm prematurely and eventually ejaculating quicker than you’d like to.

Now that we’ve set that straight, there’s no need to worry just yet if you go through sexual performance anxiety now and then when things get hot in the bedroom. There are actually simple ways to fix it. Here are a few useful pointers to help you get started in no time…

Distract yourself.

The biggest mistake you’ll ever make when sexual performance anxiety creeps up on you is to let it get hold of you completely. The moment you feel anxious even a bit, distract yourself. There are a lot of ways to do this. For starters, you can pull this off by either thinking about a happy memory or mentally transporting yourself to a favorite place. Thinking about your favorite meal or TV show helps, too.

Slow down your breathing.

Normal breathing is supposed to be slow, deep and spaced at regular intervals. When you experience sexual performance anxiety, your breathing becomes quicker and shallower. Although you will feel sexual tension when things get hot in bed, things will be different when sexual performance anxiety gets into the picture. Besides jacking up your blood pressure level a bit too high, your pulse rate will also surge higher than usual. This will result to an unexpected adrenaline rush, which can lead to premature ejaculation.

Focus on her pleasure.

A lot of men get so affected with sexual performance anxiety that they forget that the easiest way to fix it is by concentrating more on their partners’ pleasure during lovemaking. The next time you get panicky during sex, just think about how you can give her the best sex ever and you’re sure to last longer while at it.

Here are the reasons why visiting the dentist should be always on your schedule.

Here are the reasons why visiting the dentist should be always on your schedule.

Unlike what most guys think, visiting the dentist regularly is more than just protecting themselves from bad breath, cavities and a slew of other oral health problems. It’s also an effective way of making sure that they won’t be experiencing erectile dysfunction anytime soon.

Now while the connection may sound a bit tough to link up, neglecting to pay close attention to your oral hygiene is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to the development of plaque that clogs veins and arteries…that causes erectile dysfunction.

Blood is what makes an erection happen. A sufficient amount of it is normally channelled to the penis during sexual arousal, which basically makes its erectile tissues stiffen up. However, when the flow of blood is disrupted, you could find yourself having a weak erection or none at all.

Speaking of the disruption of blood flow, plaque tops the list as one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction. Asides from potentially causing stroke, it can also lead to the dreaded “softie syndrome” when you’d like to get rock in the bedroom.

What’s even more horrible is that while having an unhealthy diet and indulging in harmful vices can eventually lead to the development of plaque, disregarding tooth decay, cavities and sore gums speeds up the process in almost half the time.

So if you’re still not convinced why you should make visiting your dentist a regular in your schedule, here are a few more reasons that will surely give you a change of heart in no time:

Firstly, you will get bad breath.

Let’s get this straight. Having a funky breath is surely one of the biggest hindrances if you’re looking to get your lover between the sheets. Moreover, meeting women can be tough when you have bad breath as well since it can instantly make them walk the other way instead of actually talking to you.

Secondly, you will suffer from unexpected toothache and gum disease.

Having a toothache is like going through extreme pain that can be easily described as similar to an uppercut out of the blue. The pain is acutely sharp and can happen at any time. What makes it even scarier is you don’t have a clue how long it will last. Ignoring gum diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis can possibly lead to your teeth falling out and, in some cases, bone loss.

Thirdly, you can possibly lose all of your teeth.

Come to think of it, would you like to lose all of your teeth sooner or later? Besides making eating a bit challenging, having rotten or no teeth can easily sap your sexual confidence in a snap.

Having a better posture is one of the best ways to attract women.

Having a better posture is one of the best ways to attract women.

Now while this may sound surprising, having good posture is a necessity if you’re looking to successfully attract women. Besides giving a positive impression to the ladies, keeping your back straight and shoulders square also lets them know that you’re a fun guy to be with.

There’s no need to worry just yet if you think that your posture needs a bit of an improvement. A lot of guys feel the same way, too. Here are a few useful pointers that can help you get started in no time at all…

Mind your stance.

How you bear your weight on your legs can make the difference between good posture and a horrible one. Always keep in mind to evenly distribute your weight on both legs when standing up to avoid putting most of it on one side of your body only.

Practice concentrating your weight on the balls of your feet when standing up. Your body’s natural reaction when you rest your weight on your heels is to sag your shoulders and droop your back. Although it may look like doing so can take a long time getting used to, you can actually pull this off in just a few minutes.

Keep your chin slightly raised.

According to a study conducted by psychologists in Australia, majority of women perceived guys who have their chins slightly elevated to be more confident and attractive. And this is also one way to significantly improve your posture.

Besides preventing your spine from bending too much, pulling back your head and raising your chin up also gives you a more dignified look. What’s even more interesting is that this also gives women the notion that you look leaner and taller.

Avoid hunching up most of the time.

A lot of men sit in front of their computers all day while working. And these guys can be usually found hunched in front of their TV sets during their free time as well. Not only does too much sitting put you at risk of diabetes and cardiovascular problems in the future, it also significantly affects your posture.

See sitting for hours and hours reduces the flexibility of your muscles and makes your joints creaky. Aside from having sore knees, you also won’t be able to fully rotate your hips while at it, which can make or break your efforts at a better posture.

Push your chest out.

Want an instant posture fix? Thrust your chest out a bit. Pushing your chest out not only squares your shoulders and pulls your head back, but also makes your back straighter. It also makes your tummy leaner and bearing more suave. How’s that for two for two?

You're missing out on making her sexually aroused if you are not stimulating her skin.

You’re missing out on making her sexually aroused if you are not stimulating her skin.

A lot of men miss out on the power of stimulating the skin to take their lovers’ sexual arousal off the charts.

Unlike what most guys think, the skin is basically one of the best erogenous zones that you should start focusing more on if you’re looking to easily warm up your partner between the sheets.

At its simplest, the skin is basically overloaded with sensitive nerve endings that can elicit countless pleasurable sensations from your lover.

There are around hundreds of thousands of these nerve endings per square inch of your lover’s skin and concentrating on it when it comes to prepping her up for sex is definitely one of the smartest decisions you will ever make during lovemaking.

So if you’re looking to surprise your partner the next time you want to get things hot in the bedroom, here are a few simple yet effective skin stimulation techniques that you definitely have to keep in mind…

Firstly, give her a relaxing massage.

Now while this may sound surprising, massaging your lover should absolutely be on your checklist when you want to take her sexual arousal up a notch. Women are more likely to be sexually aroused when they are relaxed and nothing beats kneading her weary muscles to start the ball rolling.

There a few things that you should take note of before starting your massage session though. Apart from making sure that the place you’ll give her a massage is clean and organized, taking time to integrate some cool elements like a smooth playlist and aromatic oils in the mix will intensify the pleasure she’ll get while at it.

Secondly, concentrate on where her hair is.

Sure her scalp may be well-hidden under your lover’s locks, but stimulating it properly is sure to make her feel tingly and excited all over. As I have pointed out earlier, there are practically countless nerve endings under your skin and interestingly there are a lot of them in the scalp.

There are a couple of ways you can pull this off. You can either offer to wash her hair and give her scalp a good massage in the process, or simply brush her hair gently for a few minutes. Just remember to be extra gentle while you’re at it since the scalp can sometimes be extra sensitive, especially during hot weather.

Thirdly, have a tickle fight.

Tickling can be rather sexy when done right. It serves a couple purposes in the bedroom as well. One, it loosens her up so that getting sexually aroused won’t be tough for her. And two, the sensations you can give her can vary from plain ticklish to amazingly erotic when you adjust the pressure that you apply on her skin.