Why You’re Still Not Convincing Your Lover To Try Anal Sex

Here are a few tips to convince her to try anal sex easier...

Here are a few tips to convince her to try anal sex easier…

As a guy, there is a good chance that anal sex is one of the greatest fantasies you have between the sheets.

However, there’s also the possibility that your lover isn’t too keen on giving anal sex a try anytime soon because you’re simply not convincing her the right way.

So if you’re looking to, let’s say, successfully enter the backdoor the next time things get hot in the bedroom, here are the possible mistakes that you should keep clear of to get the job done easily…

You don’t make her see it as a pleasurable experience.

A lot of guys fail at convincing their partners to try anal sex because they don’t make it sound like it’s pleasurable for them, too. They just describe the experience as a whole and do not include the enjoyable sensations that their lovers can go through when they do it.

Make it a point to maximize the power of suggestion the next time you convince her to give anal sex a try. Besides explaining to her that it’s not as bad as she thinks, make sure you also tell her that more and more women are including anal sex as a regular in their bedroom action playlist these days because it’s awesome.

You don’t get her as relaxed as possible.

As I have emphasized in my previous posts, getting a woman as relaxed as can be is a must if you’d like her to become more adventurous in bed. Interestingly, giving your lover a relaxation overload also boosts your chances of actually convincing her to try anal sex.

Now while she might not warm up to the idea of getting her anus sexually penetrated immediately, make sure you reassure her that everything will be alright and give her time to decide if she’s really ready to do it. Forcing her to have anal sex will only end up in disaster sooner than you think.

You don’t start slow and easy.

What’s really important if you’re looking to make your partner see anal sex as something enjoyable is you have to do it right the first time…or else it will be your last time doing it.

Before you even think about starting the action, always keep in mind to have all the necessary stuff ready like plenty of lubrication to avoid experiencing setbacks while at it. When you’re totally sure that everything’s smooth and prepped up, try thrusting as gently as you can. Carry on if she’s not asking you to stop. Don’t forget to reapply lube from time to time to keep the whole experience as smooth as can be.

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