4 Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

Learn how to know if your girlfriend is cheating with these simple tips.

Learn how to know if your girlfriend is cheating with these simple tips.

If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably had your suspicions about your girlfriend’s faithfulness once or twice in your relationship. Sure there may be times when your hunches of infidelity are just plain silly, but there could be hints that she’s already seeing someone else if you just know what to look out for.

Now while I am not saying that your girlfriend is a cheater, it’s better to have an idea that she’s having an illicit relationship than being the last to know in the long run. Here are the signs that you should keep an eye on to determine if your sweetheart is really faithful to you or not…

Possible cheating sign #1: She becomes too cautious and jumpy.

Although it’s quite normal for women to experience bouts of anxiety occasionally, noticing that your girlfriend is acting rather defensive and nervous around you almost all the time is a possible sign that she is cheating on you. She instantly gets riled up when you ask her how her day was or who she was with. She also tries to pick a fight with you every chance she gets even if you just asked her a simple question.

Possible cheating sign #2: She gets too protective of her phone.

Now while we all have some sort of attachment to our mobile phones, your girlfriend could be hiding something if she doesn’t leave hers lying around even for a few minutes and carries it with her everywhere she goes. She even gets extremely irritated if you try checking out her phone. Plus, she leaves the room to receive a call and wouldn’t want you to see what she’s keying in when sending a text message.

Possible cheating sign #3: Her friends act a bit weird.

Noticing a big change in the behavior of her friends towards you is a possible sign that your girlfriend is having an affair with another man. This behavioral change could be a sudden closeness that they did not have for you before or getting unexpectedly ostracized by them out of the blue. They probably know something you don’t and are covering up for their friend so you won’t have a clue about it.

Possible cheating sign #4: She isn’t interested in sex with you anymore.

Perhaps this is the biggest clue that she’s already not that faithful to you. Your sex life has virtually become non-existent. She either says she’s too tired or she has a headache every time you try heating things up in the bedroom. She always has excuses to avoid doing the deed with you. (It could be that your bedroom doesn’t make her sexually excited anymore, too.)

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