How To Make Your Lover To REALLY Enjoy Oral Sex

Learn a few useful pointers that will surely make her enjoy oral sex more...

Learn a few useful pointers that will surely make her enjoy oral sex more…

Giving your lover the oral sex that she wants is not as complicated as you think. Now while a lot of men think that they’ve already mastered the art of going down below, chances are there is still room for improvement.

So if you’re looking to amaze your partner the next time you go down south, here are a few pointers you need to keep in mind…

Have the right attitude.

How you see oral sex can easily make or break your chances of giving your lover an awesome experience. Thinking of stimulating her vagina and clitoris with your mouth pleasurable and sexy can help you pull it off successfully. Seeing oral sex as something tiresome and gross can only lead to disaster.

Make your lover know that you like giving her oral sex and it’s one of your most favorite things to do between the sheets. Let her feel that you’re doing it for your own pleasure rather than hers. Believe me, that will warn her up sooner than you think.

Make her comfortable.

No matter how eager or skillful you are at oral sex, you will never give your lover the satisfaction that she wants if she isn’t as comfortable as can be. Before you get in action, make sure that her she back is straight and you have ample room to move when pleasuring her down there.

Although the safest option is to have her lying on the bed, you can also experiment with other positions that can give her the same amount of oral sex pleasure. Make sure that she also has enough space to move as well to avoid her getting hurt when she starts feeling the oral magic taking effect.  (You can also use the superb massaging techniques to ease her into it.)

Don’t make a beeline for her clitoris.

A lot of guys mistakenly believe that oral sex is mainly about zeroing in on a woman’s clitoris. Apart from not giving your lover the satisfaction that she wants, you can also make her feel rather uncomfortable down there if you just focus on her extremely sensitive clitoris when doing oral action.

Oral sex is all about pleasuring her with your mouth and tongue. It isn’t only exclusive to her lady bits. You also have to stimulate her other erogenous zones to really fire up her sexual excitement. Don’t forget to give the same attention to her breasts, inner thighs, back of the ears and nape. She’ll be the one squirming for you to get to the “bottom line” sooner than you think.

Keep on doing what you’re doing.

Unlike what most guys think, giving a woman oral sex is not over when she’s already begging you to stop. It’s your cue to keep up what you’re doing until she achieves orgasm. Don’t stop the action even if you’re already feeling a bit tired or your tongue has become rather numb. Keep up the good work and she’ll be very willing to reciprocate with amazing oral sex as well.

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