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Here are the possible reasons why you're not getting rock hard when you want to...

Here are the possible reasons why you’re not getting rock hard when you want to…

If you’re anything like most men, you probably think that achieving a stable erection is the most important sexual element of all. Now while it’s quite normal not to get hard once or twice when things get steamy in the bedroom, experiencing it too often can easily mean that you could have a few problems that need to be fixed immediately.

Unlike what most guys mistakenly believe, you don’t have to reach for a pill or some other artificial product to regain your ability to get rock hard on demand. So if you’re still having a tough time getting it up when you and your lover start to get frisky between the sheets, here are the possible reasons you need to look into…

You smoke and drink excessively.

Besides putting you at risk of serious health problems in the long run, smoking like a chimney and drinking like a fish will also affect your sexual pipes eventually. Too much alcohol and tobacco not only makes it tough for blood to flow in your system by clogging veins and arteries, but also slowly weaken your vital organs. Although it’s alright to enjoy a single serving of your favorite brew daily since it’s actually good for the heart, quitting smoking as soon as you can is simply the smartest option you can go for.

You don’t exercise regularly.

Sure you may think that having a regular workout is only for fitness buffs, but sweating it out at least half an hour daily does wonders for your ability to get a stable erection. Regular exercise strengthens your heart and improves its ability to pump blood to your penis during a lovemaking session. Exercise also tones your muscles and gives you a much healthier look, easily scoring you a lot of points in the sex appeal department as well.

You don’t have a proper diet.

Making it a point to include fruits and vegetables in your diet is one tasty strategy to keep clear of erectile dysfunction. Loading up on the healthy stuff gives you a boost of vitamins and minerals. Apart from keeping your body in tiptop shape, you’re also guaranteed to always get ready for action in the bedroom. Oysters, celery, avocados and blackberries also contain a lot of natural chemicals that improve your sexual stamina when consumed regularly.

You worry too much.

Unlike what most guys believe, severe anxiety and stress can significantly affect your ability to get rock hard for a lovemaking session. Although experiencing stress and anxiety is just normal for men, going through lots of it at once can easily ruin your sex life in the long run by making it extremely challenging for you to achieve an erection. Manage your stressors properly to avoid having this problem.

It just takes a few simple ways to make her want to have sex as much as you want...

It just takes a few simple ways to make her want to have sex as much as you want…

There is an art to successfully convincing your lover to have sex with you as much as you want. Making her say yes when you’re feeling a bit frisky involves more than just a quick peck on the lips and a few caresses here and there. So if you’d like to make her crave for lovemaking as much as you do, here are the things you need to keep in mind…

Firstly, start by looking and smelling as nice as you can.

When it comes to making love, women rely on good visual and nasal cues to get sexually aroused. This means that if you don’t have the looks and smell to take your lover’s sexual excitement off the charts, convincing her to get it on with you between the sheets can be rather challenging.

Make it a point to pay close attention to your hygiene to start things off. Always take long showers. Remember to only wear clean clothes. Use deodorant daily. Brush and floss your teeth after every meal. Make sure you remove any scraggly nose hairs or stubble. Top it all off with a spritz of a decent cologne or perfume and you’re sure to have her full sexual attention.

Secondly, working out should be on your regular regimen.

Unlike what most guys think, exercising is not only for fitness buffs. Besides improving your overall health, sweating it out for at least half an hour daily is also an effective way to tone your muscles, making your look more irresistible to your partner.

It’s also a must to have a healthy diet to get the results you need. Avoid smoking and drinking excessively, too. Now while it’s alright to enjoy a serving of your favorite brew daily to make your heart stronger, quitting your smoking habit as soon as you can is definitely the best way to go.

Thirdly, be more conscious of her feelings.

Your chances of sexually arousing your lover successfully greatly depend on her moods and feelings. Knowing when she is most likely to feel very sexy ensures that you’ll get her between the sheets with the least effort.

It’s also very important to avoid making sex a predictable event. Mix up your lovemaking schedule from time to time so she won’t consider it as a routine of some sort. Don’t just try to get her fired up for lovemaking during the evening. Try getting her ready for sexy time in the morning and afternoon as well to really get her looking forward for lovemaking. (Knowing how to give her an amazing massage also gives you additional brownie points in the sack, too!)

Learn a few useful pointers that will surely make her enjoy oral sex more...

Learn a few useful pointers that will surely make her enjoy oral sex more…

Giving your lover the oral sex that she wants is not as complicated as you think. Now while a lot of men think that they’ve already mastered the art of going down below, chances are there is still room for improvement.

So if you’re looking to amaze your partner the next time you go down south, here are a few pointers you need to keep in mind…

Have the right attitude.

How you see oral sex can easily make or break your chances of giving your lover an awesome experience. Thinking of stimulating her vagina and clitoris with your mouth pleasurable and sexy can help you pull it off successfully. Seeing oral sex as something tiresome and gross can only lead to disaster.

Make your lover know that you like giving her oral sex and it’s one of your most favorite things to do between the sheets. Let her feel that you’re doing it for your own pleasure rather than hers. Believe me, that will warn her up sooner than you think.

Make her comfortable.

No matter how eager or skillful you are at oral sex, you will never give your lover the satisfaction that she wants if she isn’t as comfortable as can be. Before you get in action, make sure that her she back is straight and you have ample room to move when pleasuring her down there.

Although the safest option is to have her lying on the bed, you can also experiment with other positions that can give her the same amount of oral sex pleasure. Make sure that she also has enough space to move as well to avoid her getting hurt when she starts feeling the oral magic taking effect.  (You can also use the superb massaging techniques to ease her into it.)

Don’t make a beeline for her clitoris.

A lot of guys mistakenly believe that oral sex is mainly about zeroing in on a woman’s clitoris. Apart from not giving your lover the satisfaction that she wants, you can also make her feel rather uncomfortable down there if you just focus on her extremely sensitive clitoris when doing oral action.

Oral sex is all about pleasuring her with your mouth and tongue. It isn’t only exclusive to her lady bits. You also have to stimulate her other erogenous zones to really fire up her sexual excitement. Don’t forget to give the same attention to her breasts, inner thighs, back of the ears and nape. She’ll be the one squirming for you to get to the “bottom line” sooner than you think.

Keep on doing what you’re doing.

Unlike what most guys think, giving a woman oral sex is not over when she’s already begging you to stop. It’s your cue to keep up what you’re doing until she achieves orgasm. Don’t stop the action even if you’re already feeling a bit tired or your tongue has become rather numb. Keep up the good work and she’ll be very willing to reciprocate with amazing oral sex as well.

Boosting your sexual stamina is as easy as following these natural tips.

Boosting your sexual stamina is as easy as following these natural tips.

A lot of guys mistakenly believe that simply reaching for pills that claim to reinvigorate their sexual performance is the best option to go for when they feel that they are losing their edge between the sheets.

What most men don’t know is that there are actually natural ways to boost sexual stamina. Besides not costing you a lot of money, these methods are also essentially good for you. So if you’re planning to surprise your lover the next time things get hot in the bedroom, here are a few tips that will surely improve your sexual stamina naturally…

Have a healthy diet.

What you eat can easily affect your sexual stamina. Kick things off when boosting your energy levels in bed by loading up on fruits and vegetables as much as you can. Make these tastefully healthy delights a staple in your daily menu. Fruits and vegetables contain high levels of nutrients that won’t just improve your overall health, but will also perk up your body’s blood flow and adrenaline intensity.

Some foodstuffs like oysters, blueberries and celery even have specific organic chemicals that are sure to give you lots of sexual benefits if consumed in a regular basis. Apart from stronger and more stable erections, these can also help you enhance your testosterone levels and last longer in bed.

Make exercise a daily habit.

Unlike what most men think, regular exercise is not just for fitness buffs. It’s also for guys who want their sexual stamina to stay at optimum levels. Sweating it out for at least half an hour daily makes your body tougher and you won’t easily get tired even in the most intense of sexy times.

Exercise primarily strengthens your heart’s ability to pump blood in the body. When blood flow is optimized, it’s easier for you to get an erection and keep it up when you and your lover get frisky. It also tones your muscles, which will surely make you look better in the long run. How’s that for two for two?

Avoid drinking and smoking too much.

Drinking like a fish and smoking like a chimney are perhaps two of the worst mistakes that you’ll ever make if you’re planning to improve your sexual stamina. Excessive use of alcohol and tobacco clogs up the blood vessels. Besides making it extremely challenging to get an erection, you’re also putting yourself risk of potentially fatal health problems eventually.

Although it’s alright to have a single serving of your favorite drink daily, it’s smart to kick your smoking habit as soon as you can. With severe bad breath, stained and decaying teeth as well as lung cancer as the possible outcomes of lighting up even a few cigarettes daily, you’re better off without this vice.