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Giving her the sexual satisfaction she's always wanted is not as complicated as you think.

Giving her the sexual satisfaction she’s always wanted is not as complicated as you think.

There is nothing more humiliating than ejaculating ahead of time when making love with your wife or girlfriend. If you’re unable to last long enough while having sex to provide your sweetheart the satisfaction she’s always wanted, then there is really no reason to fret just yet. Allow me to share the tips you need to know that are sure to give you superb marks in the performance department whenever you get between the sheets with your wife or girlfriend:

Imagine something less sexy during your lovemaking session.

Although this may seem somewhat unusual, thinking of non-sexual stuff when you are getting busy in the bedroom can in fact prolong your bedroom playing time. Any time you think that you’re nearly reaching orgasm and on the brink of ejaculating, keep yourself preoccupied by mulling over how your team did in the finals or what your plans are this weekend. That will definitely buy you additional time pleasuring your lover.

Embrace a more positive mindset.

Getting extremely keen in relation to not climaxing ahead of time may actually result in premature ejaculation when you are making love to your wife or girlfriend. The next time you feel extremely aroused, picture yourself in your mind pleasing your sex partner like she’s always wanted instead of reaching orgasm and you’re simply sure to put up with the rigors of lovemaking longer than the usual.

Take things slow and easy.

Rapid climaxing is essentially your body’s response if your arousal level gets to its highest sooner than it should. Utilizing the stop-start technique – specifically syncing the regularity and level of your thrusts in order to avoid coming too soon – can deal with that without a hitch. The next time things get steamy in the bedroom, sexually penetrate your partner slow and shallow 5 consecutive times then follow it up with 5 fast and deep ones. This just doesn’t change up the rhythm of your lovemaking but also resets your arousal levels as well.

Go solo in a regular basis.

Are you aware that pleasuring yourself routinely is a great strategy to figure out your arousal level and forestall ejaculation problems? Being aware of when you reach the point where you can easily reach orgasm not only helps you measure your sexual pace and beat whenever you and your wife or girlfriend get between the sheets but also helps you gain self-confidence to understand more about your sexuality to a whole new higher level. Now how about learning 3 simple ways to boost your sexual stamina naturally?