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You're guaranteed to score another date with the girl of your dreams if you give this article a thorough read-through.

You’re guaranteed to score another date with the girl of your dreams if you give this article a thorough read-through.

First dates can be rather stressful, nerve-wracking and ridiculously uncomfortable if you don’t have an idea how to do it right. If you’re planning to ask out the girl of your dreams soon, here are some top-notch pointers that guarantee you will have an unforgettable time together:

Plan ahead meticulously.

Arranging the details of your date as carefully as you can is the very first thing that you should take care of before inviting her out. Leaving your date to chance is perhaps the biggest mistake you’ll ever make if you want it to be smooth and enjoyable for the both of you. Come to think of it, what’s more awkward than finding yourself standing aimlessly next to your exasperated date wondering what to do next? (Moreover, here are some top-notch seduction techniques you can check out while at it, if you know what I mean.)

Keep the conversation trivial.

No matter how dedicated you are to the preservation of corals in the Pacific Ocean or your views about politics and religion, they are definitely not the best topics to discuss during a first date. Prevent minutes and minutes of awkward silence during your first night out by carefully choosing which subjects to talk about. Need a hint? Ask your date what her favorite sandwich is or what the name of her first pet is and you’re already good to go.

Take her somewhere familiar.

You won’t be in for an awkward date if you take the girl of your dreams to a place she is really familiar with. Whether it’s her favorite bar in town or local deli slash comfort food stopover, your date is sure to be more conversational and good-natured compared to taking her someplace else. Pro-tip: Unless she informs you beforehand, never bring her to a fancy restaurant on your first date. It might turn out to be more like of a job interview in the process than an intimate event.

Pay attention to her.

Most men tend to forget that avoiding an awkward date (and scoring a second night out in town while at it) is as easy as listening closely to what their potential sweethearts are saying. Be it the name of her dog or favorite romantic comedy movie of all time, you will never know when she’ll quiz you up a bit to see if you’re paying attention. With that said, never ask her to pull out her wallet from her purse no matter what. You’ll lose a lot of debonair points in the perfect date department that way!

Learn the secrets of spicing up your sex life effortlessly when you check this out.

Learn the secrets of spicing up your sex life effortlessly when you check this out.

If you’re feeling that you are currently in a sexual rut with your wife or girlfriend, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. Don’t take the waning of sex in your relationship lying down! It’s still not too late. I have some of the best tips you can use to beat the bedroom blues and bring back the roaring fires of passion in your sex life with ease.

Change up the schedule.

Most couples tend to believe that the perfect time for a sex session is only at night. Why not mix up your lovemaking program and have a bit of action in bed in the morning and afternoon? Sticking to a routine when it comes to sex only results to flat out monotony in the long run. Try surprising your partner with a morning quickie or an afternoon delight.  The less she expects it the more like you’ll see sparks fly in no time at all.

Use high-tech teasing methods.

Getting your wife or girlfriend’s sexual side going is as easy as using today’s advancements in technology to your advantage. Need an idea or two to help you get started? Try whipping out your camera phone and sending her naughty pictures when she’s at work or perhaps shopping for groceries. Instead of giving her flowers and chocolates, up the ante a bit and email your partner a list of the kinky acts (like stimulating her breasts like a pro) you’ll do to her when you two get alone in the bedroom. Now let your imagination run wild.

Give your bedroom a makeover.

Making love over and over again in the same environment can be rather dull and boring – much like eating the same chicken sandwich for lunch daily and wondering why you seem to be tired of the stuff. Why not give your bedroom a tantalizing makeover and transform it into your very own sex sanctuary? With new blankets, sheets, lighting pieces and mirrors in the mix, you’re sure to feel like it’s a different room altogether.

Explore the magic of role-playing and sexual fantasies.

Playing roles with your wife or girlfriend is a great way to realize your kinky fantasies while improving your sexual relationship. How many times have you fancied dressing up as a doctor and giving your partner a full “physical exam?” Encourage her to do the same as well and you’ll never know how risqué her fantasies are. Maybe she’ll dress up as a professor and you’re the student…oh, you know the drill.

Rising up to the occasion won't be that tough now when you check out this article.

Rising up to the occasion won’t be that tough now when you check out this article.

Erectile dysfunction is perhaps the worst sexual setback that a man could ever go through. Besides hindering you from achieving an erection, it also makes successfully having sexual intercourse with your wife or girlfriend seem impossible.

If that sounds horrible already, erectile dysfunction can also lead to major psychological issues, such as severe loss of self-esteem and panic disorders. Sure you may not be suffering from it right now but if you have the following 5 bad habits, you’re guaranteed to have problems rising up to the occasion sooner or later when things get steamy in the bedroom:

Not exercising enough.

Having a sedentary lifestyle is the number one red flag that you should keep clear of when erectile dysfunction is concerned. Apart from making you susceptible to a bevy of serious illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems, not sweating it out like you should regularly can lead to the blockage of blood vessels and arteries that are responsible for achieving a stable erection.

Not having a proper diet.

If your idea of a meal is a combination of saturated fats, sweets and a couple of servings of soda, then you’re guaranteed to feel the effects not just in your waistline but your nether regions as well. Excess sugar and bad cholesterol can cause blockages to your system that deter the flow of blood to your penis and prevent you from achieving an erection. Stock up your fridge with healthy foodstuffs like oatmeal and fresh fruits and vegetables instead.

Not exercising your PC muscle.

Most men tend to overlook the PC muscle’s role in achieving and maintaining stable erections. It needs to be exercised properly if you want to reap the rewards of getting ready for a sex session whenever you want.  If you still aren’t that knowledgeable with the ways to give it a decent workout, here are the things you need to take note of when exercising your PC muscle.

Not drinking moderately and quitting smoking.

Excessive consumption of alcohol and indulging in too much tobacco won’t just put your vital organs at risk of breaking down unexpectedly but will also lessen your ability to get an erection sooner or later. Although scientific studies claim that enjoying a glass of your favorite drink daily can actually make your heart stronger, smoking like a chimney has absolutely no health benefits at all and you should stop as soon as you can.

Not taking a chill pill.

Too much stress can derail your efforts at successfully achieving an erection when you need it the most. The moment you feel that you just can’t seem to sort out your responsibilities at home and at work or perhaps you can’t find yourself focusing properly even on the simplest tasks, make sure you have a vacation as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re experiencing physical or psychological stress. You’re going to have erectile dysfunction soon if you don’t take care of it immediately.

Learn the secrets of 100% naturally improving your sexual stamina.

Learn the secrets of 100% naturally improving your sexual stamina.

How long you last in bed can either make or break your chances of scoring more time between the sheets with your wife or girlfriend. Improving your sexual stamina (without resorting to artificial means) doesn’t have to be a complicated process, either. If you’re looking to give your partner the mind-shattering orgasms she’s always wanted, here are 5 tips that will definitely get the job done with flying colors:

Sweat it out.

The benefits of regular exercise to your body are practically endless. Apart from making your heart stronger and your muscles more durable, you also won’t tire that easily even during the most intense activities – just like when having a sex session with your wife or girlfriend. Make it a point to put on your running shoes and just let the sweat pour out for an hour daily for at least three times a week.

Go solo more often.

Believe it or not, masturbating can help you improve your sexual stamina with ease. Taking Mary Palmer for a date often doesn’t just aid in gauging your body’s sexual responses but can also help you identify the signs that you’re already on the brink of achieving orgasm and ejaculating soon. Just imagine the wonders that it can do the next time you and your partner are getting it on in the bedroom!

Make foreplay a priority.

While most men tend to think that foreplay is just a waste of time, it is in fact a key component when you’re looking to improve your sexual stamina anytime soon. Besides giving you time to cool off when you are already nearing orgasm, foreplay techniques also heighten your wife’s or girlfriend’s sexual satisfaction even though you are not penetrating her. Learn how to give her unforgettable oral sex when you check this out.

Live healthy.

A healthy lifestyle is synonymous to top-notch sexual stamina. A proper diet and regular exercise won’t just take your overall well-being to a whole new level but will also help you achieve and maintain a stable erection when you need it the most. If you embrace a healthy lifestyle, you won’t have to go through a tough time “rising up to the occasion”.

Think positive.

Did you know that obsessing over the idea that you’re going to come too quickly when you’re in the middle of a lovemaking session with your partner can actually make you do just that? When the opportunity for a sexual encounter presents itself, just think that you’re going to give your wife or girlfriend an unforgettable time and you’ll be very surprised with the results.