The 5 Secrets That Are Guaranteed to Hold Back Your Wife From Cheating

Ensure your wife won't have a wandering eye with these superb pointers.

Ensure your wife won’t have a wandering eye with these superb pointers.

No matter how many years you and your wife have been together, it’s still quite a challenge to keep a monogamous relationship from breaking down. Sure infidelity may not be as prominent among the opposite sex but there is a big possibility that your wife could cheat on you if you’re not very careful.

If you’re aiming to take your marital relationship to a whole new level, then this is absolutely the place to be. Apart from showing you a few pointers that are guaranteed to prevent your wife from having a wandering eye, I’ll also throw in one of my best-kept secrets that is sure to spice things up in the bedroom in a snap.

Say sorry with all your heart. While this may sound rather simplistic, sincere apologies mean a lot to your spouse. While it is normal for you and your wife to have the occasional argument, saying sorry and meaning it not only eases tension after a bickering but also makes her feel loved and respected. She might interpret your inability to apologize as a sign that you’re not into her anymore and then it’s game over for you, buddy.

Communicate with her every time you have the chance. Although being a married couple is an entirely different commitment from a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, it doesn’t mean that you should stop communicating with her just like during your dating phase. No matter how tired you are after a hard day’s work, make it a point to chat with her and find out what is going on in her life. Besides knowing what difficulties she’s going through, you will also have the opportunity to avert any chances of her being unfaithful even before they start without a fuss.

Romance her like it’s your first night together. Making your wife feel she is the Juliet to your Romeo is definitely an advantage when it comes to preventing her from wanting to be in the arms of another man. Kiss her first thing in the morning. Send her sweet nothings on her mobile phone. Give her flowers and chocolates when she least expects it. Cook for your wife dinner. Give her breakfast in bed on weekends. The list is practically endless when making her feel truly loved is concerned.

Update your sexual playbook. Sex with your wife can become a bit boring if you’re doing the same things again and again over the years. If you notice that she’s not that enthusiastic anymore when you’re making love, then it’s high time you added fresh stuff to your bedroom arsenal like exciting oral sex zingers and foreplay maneuvers that are sure to rock her world. Learn how to boost your sexual stamina while at it, too.

Smell and look like a million bucks. Visual and nasal cues continue to be the most active stimuli among women even after marriage. This means that you should not leave the way you look and smell to chance whenever you’re with your wife inside or outside the house. Remember to take regular showers. Make sure you still dress to impress when you take her for a night out. Splash on some deodorant. Shave off that rather funky beard she’s always reminding you about and you’re good to go.


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