Avoid Making These 5 First Date Mistakes!

Dazzle the girl of your dreams with these surefire dating tips.

Dazzle the girl of your dreams with these surefire dating tips.

When it comes to taking out the girl of your dreams, scoring a second chance to make a good first impression can be quite tough. If you’re still having trouble sealing the deal on a second date up until now, then it’s time you gave this article a thorough read-through.

Apart from remembering to look and smell nice, there are other key points to take note of to convince the girl you’re out with to go on a second date with you. Here are the mistakes you should avoid making to start the ball rolling on your successful dating career:

Don’t let the jitters get to you. Although it is quite normal to feel a bit anxious when you’re going out with a woman you really like, overdoing it can lead to a rather unpleasant panic attack and then it’s the end of the line. Just relax and remember that she agreed to go out with you in the first place. Interestingly, chances are she’s also a bit tense so play it cool and you’re good to go.

Don’t act like a wimp. Confidence is sexy. Women are sticklers for men who are confident and know what they’re doing. Make sure that you’ve got all the important details of your date down to pat a couple of days before the big day to wow her without a hitch. Don’t forget to take care of everything from the venue to the post-date activity and you’ll definitely be on your way to Date Number Two.

Don’t be a phony. Fibbing just to impress the girl you’re out with is perhaps one of the most desperate moves in the dating game. Women have an uncanny ability to see through even the most rehearsed lies and your date will end up a dud faster than you think once she feels you’re only taking her for a ride to Pretentious Avenue. Being a phony will only get you nowhere. Stay as truthful as you can and you’re already doing great.

Don’t pick a fancy restaurant on your first date. Believe it or not, choosing a swanky eating joint for a first date is a big no-no if you want to score another one soon. Instead of establishing a romantic connection with your date, you’ll only end up making the whole thing feel like a job interview. Pro-tip: go for her favorite deli or bar and you’re guaranteed to boost your chances of making sparks fly in no time at all.

Don’t act like you’re the star of the date. While having the right confidence is an advantage, having too much of it can be an instant turn off for your date. Make sure you intently listen to what she’s saying without interrupting. Keep in mind to compliment her for the things she obviously took time preparing like her clothes and makeup. Remember to open doors for her and help her sit comfortably. Make her feel like a princess the whole time and you’re already halfway there.

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