Getting Your Ex-Girlfriend Back the Right Way

Don't wait until it's too late. Here are the secrets to win her back again without a hitch.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Here are the secrets to win her back again without a hitch.

Winning back an old flame can be quite a challenge even for the most gifted Casanova. However, with a bit of know-how and a lot of determination thrown in for good measure, it isn’t entirely impossible to pull off either. If you still think that your ex-girlfriend is the one you’d rather spend the rest of your life with, then this is the place to be.

Apart from showing you a few tricks that are guaranteed to significantly raise your chances of getting back with your ex, I’ll also include a sensual secret that will surely make your relationship even stronger the next time around. Make sure you give the following tips and pointers a thorough read-through right away to help you get started in a snap:

Use reverse psychology. No matter how sincere your intentions may be, calling up your ex-girlfriend excessively or sending her one too many text messages after you broke up can make her feel rather harassed and stalked instead of being remembered fondly. Although it can be very difficult at first, avoid contacting your ex in any way for at least three to four weeks.

Trust me, the results are worth it. Besides being a very effective technique to start making your ex-girlfriend miss you, chances are she’ll initiate opening the communication lines back again herself when she remembers how much she needs you in her life sooner or later.

Re-assess yourself as the other half of the relationship. If your ex-girlfriend broke up with you, it’s probably because you messed up. Maybe you’ve been neglecting her, not exerting enough effort make her feel appreciated, not listening to what she has to say or perhaps not spending adequate with her.

Maybe your ex was just shrugging these negative feelings off all along until she couldn’t take them anymore and decided to break up with you. Make it a point to find out what your shortcomings in the relationship were and promise to change them for the better when given another chance – or else go through another break up again. Permanently, this time around.

Learn to last longer in bed. Sex is one of the most important components of a stable romantic relationship. Did you ever ask your ex-girlfriend even once if she was fully satisfied after you went for a roll in the hay? How many times can you honestly say that you’ve given her an orgasm? This is the time to acknowledge your mistakes (including the ones outside the bedroom), express regret and learn the finer points of how to stop premature ejaculation. Promise her that you’ll make it up to her and more when she gives you another chance and you’re good to go.

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