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Your Sex Position Alone Can Affect How Long You Last In Bed

Here’s a sex position that can really help you to last longer in bed…

Now for this sex position you’re going to need a something to place underneath your woman’s hips to raise her pelvis up.

A pillow or cushion will work just fine.

This position is a modified version of the missionary position.

If you don’t know what the missionary position is then let me explain…

The missionary sex position is probably the most commonly used sex position and is when the woman lies on her back facing up with the man on top of her face to face and in between her legs.

And then the pillow goes underneath the woman’s waist as earlier mentioned.

The reason for the pillow is because by changing the angle of a woman’s pelvis it’s a lot easier for you to rub your pelvis against her clitoris (if you’re unsure about the clitoris then check out this post on Where Is The Clitoris).

This is the real magic of this sex position for helping you last longer in bed…

By rubbing your pelvis against your woman’s clitoris you don’t need to thrust hard and fast to pleasure her.

She gets a ton of pleasure just by you rubbing your pelvis against her clitoris and having your penis inside her.

And because you barely have to thrust it’s a lot easier to last longer.

It’s win-win for the both of you.

You last long because you don’t have to thrust fast and she gets a ton of pleasure from you for stimulating her clitoris.

Of course you don’t have to use this the whole time during sex, but it can be a great position to switch to if you need to recover some stamina.

Overall it’s a fantastic position to help you last longer in bed and exceptionally powerful if you use it alongside the 2 techniques in this article on how to Prevent Premature Ejaculation.

To check out that article just click this link… http://howtolastlonginbed.com/prevent-premature-ejaculation-by-avoiding-these-2-mistakes/

I just found a great video on how to find and stimulate the G-Spot.

What great about it, is that it’s a video animation so you can actually see and get a strong visualization of exactly where it is so you don’t fumble around with it.

It’s worth paying close attention, because if you can stimulate the G-Spot right you’ll be able to give her an intense G-Spot orgasm.

Check it out…

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Want to make today the best Valentine’s Day for you ever?

Here’s a simple trick…

Do something to surprise your woman.

But not the “usual” kind of surprise that every other guy does…

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or a not-so-long-term relationship (if you’re not in a relationship right now, then save this tip for when you are), the woman you’re with right now probably thinks that on some level she “knows you”.

She thinks she knows what you do to turn her on, how to make her feel good, how you have sex, etc.

We all have our habits and she probably knows you pretty well.

So make this Valentine’s Day special by doing something completely out of character (in a good way) to surprise her.

And it can’t be something you’ve done before.

It has to be totally different and more importantly something she wouldn’t
expect you do to do (hence the term surprise…).

If you can, make this surprise a sexual one.

Try something in the bedroom you wouldn’t normally try.

Use a sex toy, try a totally new position, do it in a crazy place, use hardcore dirty talk or do something more extreme if you’ve already maxed out those options…

Go out of your comfort zone to surprise her.

Stretch yourself for this one.

It can’t be a usual “oh, it’s Valentine’s Day so this will be the one day of the year I buy her flowers, that’ll surprise her…”

That definitely won’t surprise her.

Driving a woman wild in bed takes stimulating her psychology and emotions.

And surprising her in a way she’s not expecting is an amazing way to do that.

But like I said, it can’t be a “wussy” surprise that everyone else does.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone and think of something that your woman loves, but maybe is the kind of thing you would normally refuse to do.

Whatever it is… get creative.

And if you really challenge yourself to be creative you’ll definitely have the best Valentine’s Day of your life…

Because you’ll be with one very satisfied lady.

Oh, and after doing a great job of surprising her, make sure you don’t let her down in the bedroom by not lasting long enough!

Be sure to brush up on some of the free tips in my “last longer in bed tonight” video found here…


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Why resort to using pills when there are 100% natural solutions?

Ever wondered if those pills promising to help you last longer work?  Well here’s what I’ve found…

As I’m writing this article now, I’ve never tried any “last longer” pills before.

And the reason is simple.

So far I’ve never come across a pill I thought I could trust.

Most of them are sold through shady websites and there is little evidence to support they work.

I also don’t understand the science behind why it would work.

From everything I’ve learned in years of research and in teaching tens of thousands of men to last longer in bed…. it’s my firm belief that learning to last longer in bed really comes down to what you DO in bed.

A huge cause of premature ejaculation is unnecessary over-stimulation, both psychologically and physically.

And all these things are WITHIN YOUR CONTROL if you know what you’re doing (which you can learn all about in the articles on this site).

By changing things like how you breathe, how you thrust, which sex positions you use and many other things it makes sense that you can learn to last longer in bed.

But what I don’t understand is how taking a tiny pill can help you last longer in bed, especially if you don’t use all the special breathing techniques, sex positions and other methods needed to help you last longer.

That’s why I haven’t tried any pills.

Now if someone were to show me some concrete science of why it does work, then I’d consider testing them out.

But for now, I lay off them.

And quite frankly, with everything I know now (from techniques to sex positions and more) I don’t need the pills anyway, so I’ve got no real incentive to try them.

Personally I way prefer the natural approach to solving the problem of premature ejaculation.

And if it’s something you’re interested in too then I recommend you start with reading this article on the 3 essential premature ejaculation cures.