why you should not drink too much

So you have the habit of drinking too much...

So you have the habit of drinking too much…

Chilling out after a hard day’s work with a cold one (or your favorite drink in that matter) is perhaps on your checklist when it comes to unwinding.

However, overindulging in booze can easily lead to problems when you and your lover get frisky between the sheets in the long run. Sure this may sound a bit surprising, but you will find out more when you follow along…

Too much alcohol can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Although enjoying a portion or two of your favorite drink daily is perfectly fine, chugging it like there’s no tomorrow can lead to a condition called vasoconstriction, where blood channels like veins, arteries and blood vessels stiffen up.

Apart from preventing blood from flowing to the erectile tissues in the penis to get an erection going during sexual arousal, there is also a chance that you won’t stay hard for a very long time while at it. Just imagine how disappointing that would be for you and your lover.

Over the top boozing can delay sexual function.

When it comes to getting ready for a sex session, having the right amount of mood-altering hormones in the body can make or break your chances of pleasuring your lover when things get steamy in bed.

These hormones basically set off the key changes in the body needed to prep you up for a sex session. Aside from boosting your breathing and pulse rate, they also send lots of blood to the pelvic region to get you rock hard and keep it that way.

Interestingly, the negative effects of alcohol in the body delay its ability to produce and release hormones during sexual arousal. Come to think of it, don’t you feel sluggish when you’ve got a hangover? Your body goes through the same experience when you have one.

Too much booze can numb sexual sensations.

Do you notice how your body feels numb when you knock back more alcohol than you should have? This is also what will happen to the sensations you will experience during lovemaking. Instead of fully feeling the pleasure of sex, the sensations you will experience will be significantly reduced.

Too much alcohol also leads to the deterioration of sensory nerves if you make it a habit to drink one too many servings of your favorite booze in a constant basis. And this can lead to even more serious problems in the bedroom sooner or later if this takes place.

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