why you should jog regularly

You're missing out on a lot if you don't have jogging on your regular schedule.

You’re missing out on a lot if you don’t have jogging on your regular schedule.

Sure running may sound like an activity that’s only for hardcore fitness buffs, but having it on your regular schedule is actually one way to improve your sexual performance. So if you’re looking to become a better lover, here are just of the benefits of jogging in the bedroom…

Jogging can increase your sexual stamina.

Making it a point to have jogging on your list of daily activities can help boost your staying power the next time you and your lover get frisky in the bedroom. This basically means you won’t easily get tired during sex and will successfully pleasure your partner between the sheets.

This is because jogging helps the body optimize its energy levels efficiently and keep lung function up to par, especially during times when it is subjected to strenuous movements like lovemaking. Keeping in mind to lay off smoking also helps to get the best results.

Jogging improves blood flow.

When you jog, you are basically keeping your heart in tiptop shape, which plays a key role in the circulation of blood in the body. And having poor blood flow simply means you’ll have a hard time getting a strong erection when you get sexually aroused.

There is also a very big risk that you won’t get an erection at all no matter how hard you try, which can be quite embarrassing if your partner is looking forward to a good time in bed.

Aside from keeping blood flow efficient, jogging also helps prevent veins and arteries from clogging up, which can prevent blood from flowing properly to the erectile tissues in the penis leading to erectile dysfunction. This effect is even more heightened by keeping clear of eating too much oily foods.

Jogging makes you look better.

Making jogging a regular habit also has a visual effect on you. Apart from helping you tone your muscles, it can also make bulging tummies smaller and tighten up loose skin, which easily makes you feel more confident.

See, confidence helps pick up the pace on the production and release of feel good hormones like oxytocin in the body that can make you feel like a million bucks each and every time. You just won’t feel happier, but you’re also going to be more easy-going in the process, which is an attribute women love.

Why not have jogging on your daily checklist as soon as you can to see the positive effects already?