why she is not excited for sex anymore these days

So she's not that excited for action in bed anymore...

So she’s not that excited for action in bed anymore…

So here’s the situation…

You’re simply noticing that your lover isn’t that excited for action between the sheets these days.

Apart from finding it tricky to warm her up in bed, you also observe that it’s taking longer for her to reach the Big O even if you’re already putting your sexual A-game in action.

Sure this may look rather alarming, but there’s still no need to worry just yet. Chances are you’re simply neglecting a few lovemaking essentials that are disrupting with your partner’s sexual arousal.

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You’re not keeping a close eye on your hygiene.

At its simplest, looking after your personal hygiene is a key factor when it comes to making your partner excited for a bout of action in the bedroom.

This is because her body won’t produce the feel-good hormones needed to get her sexually aroused. Regardless of what your sexual strategy is, you will only end up making her feel anxious and impatient if you push on with your techniques.

Apart from making sure you get rid of any excessive and unwanted facial hair, you should keep in mind to take regular showers, splashing on deodorant as well as giving your teeth and gums that care they need to pull this off.

Your bedroom is a complete mess.

I know this sounds a bit odd, but not making your bedroom as spic and span as you can lead to problems when it comes to getting your partner hot and ready in the bedroom.

See, a woman’s body has to be totally relaxed for it to become adequately sexually aroused.

If your lover is distracted or annoyed when you’re trying to heat things up between the sheets, chances are she will take very long to feel sexy or perhaps find it extremely difficult to get in the mood at all.

Your sexual techniques are repetitive.

A woman’s brain is highly active even during sex.

Interestingly, it keeps tracks of all the things that the body experiences in the process. If it thinks that the sensations the system is going through are rather redundant, it reduces the amount of pleasure they give sooner or later.

Make it a point to mix things up when you’re getting busy with your lover in the bedroom. Never focus on the same erogenous zones or perhaps stick to the same techniques when you’re at it.

Keep in mind to surprise her with new moves each time you two get frisky and you’ll just be surprised with the results.