thrusting technique

elow I want to share with you a highly effective thrusting technique to help stop premature ejaculation…

This thrusting technique I’m going to explain to you will probably go against what you instinctively do during sex so pay close attention and be prepared to work at it for the first few times you try using it.

OK, so this thrusting technique works as follows.

After you’re done with foreplay and you go to start having sex take things VERY slowly.

When you finally enter you woman, instead of doing the common “insert all the way because you’re so excited”, enter only half an inch.

Enter just the tip of your penis inside her.

And then pull out.

Slowly thrust in and out going no deeper than half an inch.

What you’ll probably find is your woman getting incredibly excited with what you’re doing and she’ll want for you to enter the whole thing…

Avoid the temptation of doing so.

Take your time to increase the depth of your thrusting very gradually.

If you’re doing this for the first time the speed at which you increase depth should feel frustratingly slow.

Now the reason this works well for lasting longer in bed is because by going very slow at the start of sex you give your penis a chance to get used to feeling of your woman’s vagina.

In a way you’re desensitizing your penis to the overwhelming pleasure of the vagina.

After you’ve effectively desensitized your penis from a few minutes of slow thrusting you’ll find it a lot easier to thrust faster and deeper without the need to orgasm instantly.

Overall it’s a very effective technique and because of its nature it also incorporates a lot of teasing so your woman gets a lot out of it too.

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