the best sex lubricant

Learn what kind of lubricant to reach for when she isn't getting sufficiently wet down there...

Learn what kind of lubricant to reach for when she isn’t getting sufficiently wet down there…

I don’t mean this to be anything disrespectful, but there will be times when your lover will find it very tough to get sufficiently wet down there when things get hot in the bedroom.

You don’t have to worry even a bit when this happens though. Women are also affected by key factors that can easily disrupt their sexual arousal. These factors commonly include their overall wellness, diet, stress levels as well if they’re going through excessive anxiety or a health issue.

When you need a little help to get things smooth and easy between the sheets, you simply have to reach for a water-based lubricant. Sure there may be other types of lubricant for sexual purposes you can get your hands on, but this one has a bit of advantage due to its unique attributes.

Here are just some of the goodies you’ll get when you go for a water-based lubricant:

It is safer.

The main ingredient of water-based lubricants is…water, which is very natural compared to the materials that make up the silicone-based and oil-based varieties. Besides being smooth on skin, your chances of getting allergic reactions when using water-based lubricants are very low.

Surprisingly, lubricants can often get absorbed by the skin and even get into the bloodstream, so you could be possibly in for a problem or two if your body is rather sensitive to silicone or oil.

It doesn’t make a mess.

Water-based lubricants have a thin consistency and won’t smother your skin and general genital area when you’re using them unlike its silicone-based and oil-based counterparts. It isn’t sticky and doesn’t feel greasy as well. Plus, it doesn’t stain when getting in contact with fabrics.

Washing off a water-based lubricant is also a breeze. You just have to use a liberal amount of soap and water and it will come right off in no time. Unlike other varieties, it won’t leave a tacky feeling to the skin as well.

It is more fun to use.

Water-based lubricants are very versatile and can be used with latex contraceptives and rubber sex toys. Compared to silicone-based and oil-based lubricants, they won’t wear down the material sooner or later.

What’s even more amazing is you don’t have to reapply more lube when you feel that things aren’t as smooth as before during your sex session. You only need to sprinkle a few drops of water (or saliva if you’re extra kinky) and you’re back in business.