stimulation of the clitoris

Clitoris stimulation can unlock huge amounts of pleasure in a woman

Here are some specifics on clitoris stimulation for maximum pleasure…

This post is following on from my last one called Where Is The Clitoris? If you still don’t know where the clitoris is located then you’ll want to check out that article before reading this one.

The first thing you’ve got to realize with clitoris stimulation is that in many ways it’s just like sex…

If you jump into it too soon your woman won’t enjoy it.

So respect it.

The clitoris is a highly highly sensitive area so if you skip the foreplay to get to it you’re asking for trouble.

Assuming you’ve taken the time on foreplay… here’s how to stimulate the clitoris to maximum affect.

Clitoral stimulation can be performed with either your fingers, tongue or pelvis during sex.

For maximum control you’ll want to use fingers, but for a more animalistic and passionate approach I recommend the tongue.

If you’re going to use fingers be sure to either use lubrication (Astroglide is a good option) or make sure she is well lubricated already.

Now the specifics…

Most women have a preference to sexual pleasure in the top left section of the clitoris (as you look at it).

If you target your stimulation to that specific section of the clitoris you’ll find (on most women) that she’ll experience a lot more pleasure a lot faster.

Also be sure to start by stimulating the clitoris very gently.

The clitoris is a highly sensitive area and being too aggressive with it can be painful, especially if she’s not aroused or lubricated enough yet.

And finally, while you’re stimulating her keep testing out different methods of stimulation and watch closely for her reactions.

The real key to great clitoris stimulation (and any other kind of stimulation) is being able to observe what your woman likes and doesn’t like.

When you finally do find something your woman likes… Then stick with it!  Often when you find that one particular thing that will be enough to bring her to orgasm if you keep at it.

Now that you know how to stimulate the clitoris, you don’t want to be an anti-climax when it comes to sex.  So check out this article on How To Last Long In Bed to make sure you can deliver your woman pleasure in all areas of the bedroom.

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