pills to last longer in bed

Why resort to using pills when there are 100% natural solutions?

Ever wondered if those pills promising to help you last longer work?  Well here’s what I’ve found…

As I’m writing this article now, I’ve never tried any “last longer” pills before.

And the reason is simple.

So far I’ve never come across a pill I thought I could trust.

Most of them are sold through shady websites and there is little evidence to support they work.

I also don’t understand the science behind why it would work.

From everything I’ve learned in years of research and in teaching tens of thousands of men to last longer in bed…. it’s my firm belief that learning to last longer in bed really comes down to what you DO in bed.

A huge cause of premature ejaculation is unnecessary over-stimulation, both psychologically and physically.

And all these things are WITHIN YOUR CONTROL if you know what you’re doing (which you can learn all about in the articles on this site).

By changing things like how you breathe, how you thrust, which sex positions you use and many other things it makes sense that you can learn to last longer in bed.

But what I don’t understand is how taking a tiny pill can help you last longer in bed, especially if you don’t use all the special breathing techniques, sex positions and other methods needed to help you last longer.

That’s why I haven’t tried any pills.

Now if someone were to show me some concrete science of why it does work, then I’d consider testing them out.

But for now, I lay off them.

And quite frankly, with everything I know now (from techniques to sex positions and more) I don’t need the pills anyway, so I’ve got no real incentive to try them.

Personally I way prefer the natural approach to solving the problem of premature ejaculation.

And if it’s something you’re interested in too then I recommend you start with reading this article on the 3 essential premature ejaculation cures.