If you’ve ever wanted to know the real definition of premature ejaculation you’ll find this pretty interesting…

There’s a lot of debate over the real definition of premature ejaculation.

One article I was reading recently said “If you spend the whole time during sex thinking about not ejaculating, that’s PE”.

Although the article was interesting, I disagree with the statement.

Personally I believe there is one definition of PE that can’t be beaten, and that is…

Premature ejaculation is any time you orgasm during sex earlier than you would like to.

Simple really.

And isn’t it true?

If you’re not lasting for as long as you want then you’ve got premature ejaculation.

You are orgasming earlier than you would like to.

Another interesting way to look at it is to say that premature ejaculation is any time you orgasm during sex before your woman does.

This means you could orgasm within 1 minute of sex, but it wouldn’t matter if she does too (which is more than possible with the right skills, by the way).

What I’m really trying to get across here is that there is no fixed time definition of PE.

Lasting 10 minutes in bed is one man’s victory, while another man’s failure.

It’s really all down to your experience of sex.

And it’s something interesting to think about.

Now in this post I really just wanted to discuss the definitions of premature ejaculation, but if you’d like to find out what causes it and what to do about it then you’ll want to check out this article on premature ejaculation.