Give your woman something extra this year

Why not use this holiday season as an excuse to treat your woman to the best orgasm of her life?  Here’s how…

These holidays are all about giving.

So the theme of this particular orgasm will be giving to your woman.

And this doesn’t just been sex.

It means giving her everything else too.

And this is a HUGE secret to giving a woman incredible orgasms.

Because women work totally different from us men.

For a man what happens during his day really doesn’t make much difference – if the pleasure he gets during sex is good then he will have a great orgasm.

But for a woman… EVERYTHING matters.

That means how her day went, how you treated her, how loved or appreciated she felt, how attracted to you she felt.

This all adds up.

And if you stack enough of these good things up during the day, then when it finally comes to sex… It takes little effort to give her an incredible orgasm, because she’s ready for it and WANTS to experience it with you.

So use this holiday season as an excuse to give to your woman.

Give more than you normally would.

Push yourself and surprise your woman.

Whether this means getting her an extra gift or surprising her with a massage, just do something she doesn’t normally expect from you.

And treat her several times.

Stack up the treats.

With her having this much fun and feeling appreciated this much, having fun in the bedroom will be a piece of cake.

And when it does finally come to sex, be sure you’re armed and ready to last all night by using my special 3 step method in this article on how to last longer in bed.

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