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So she's still not going down on you? Check out these tips.

So she’s still not going down on you? Check out these tips.

I’m pretty sure that getting a blowjob from your lover is a highlight in your bedroom checklist.

But the thing is you’re still finding it difficult to convince her to start the action when you’re already at it between the sheets.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll forever miss out on BJ’s with you partner, though.

Here are a few tips that I’ve picked up during my extensive research into the female psychology that may just boost your chances of getting some action down there soon…

Give her awesome oral sex yourself.

Some men tend to forget that oral sex is a two-way street.

A woman may not be that eager to explore south of your border during foreplay or lovemaking if she’s not given the pleasure she deserves down there, too.

Make it a point to always knock her socks off with an oral sex session yourself and her enthusiasm for some action down under will increase in the long run.

Take your hygiene down there up a notch.

Women are really sticklers when it comes to hygiene.

If your hygiene down there needs improvement, chances are it’s one of the biggest factors why she’s still not ready for oral sex action.

Besides keeping in mind to lather up and shower in a regular basis, making it a point to trim your pubic hair while at it is a must.

React as much as possible when she stimulates you.

When she stimulates you near your privates, remember to react as much as you can. This makes her think that you’re really enjoying the experience and will encourage her to go down further to the jackpot.

Say encouraging words while she’s at it.

Like the one I’ve pointed out earlier, saying words like “That’s the spot” or perhaps “You sure you know what you’re doing” is also key when you’re trying to get her going for oral sex.

The more she’s encouraged to do it, you’ll be simply surprised with the things she’ll do in the process.

Keep it short and sweet.

Always remember to only keep your BJ sessions at least a few minutes so she won’t think that it’s a burden.

You can either give her oral sex yourself or perhaps blow her mind with a lovemaking session that she won’t forget anytime soon.

When she gets used to the idea that she will go down on you when you’re at it in bed, it’s your cue that you can already extend the action.