oral sex mistakes

These mistakes will ruin oral sex for her.

These mistakes will ruin oral sex for her.

Going down on your lover is definitely one of the ways that you can really knock her socks off when things get hot in the bedroom.

Besides giving her an overload of pleasurable sensations when you give her clitoris and vulva the oral attention that they deserve, you’re also boosting her chances of having a mind-blowing orgasm or two while at it.

Sure you may already have an idea how to pull the whole thing off, but some guys tend to overlook a few mistakes that can prevent her from really enjoying the experience even if you’re already bringing your A-game into play.

Make sure you follow along to find out what these mistakes are to really take her pleasure levels off the charts the next time you’re exploring south of her border…

You go fast and furious immediately.

A lot of men mistakenly think that oral sex is all about zeroing in on a woman’s sexy bits and stimulating them with their lips, tongue and mouth the moment the action starts.

Although you need to stimulate your lover’s erogenous zones like the vulva, vagina and clitoris to get them producing pleasurable sensations, immediately making a beeline for them as soon as you get the chance will only lead to disaster.

Instead of producing pleasurable sensations, she will just feel awkward and uncomfortable, which can easily disrupt her overall oral sex experience.

Besides giving your partner the notion that you’re teasing her, you’ll also boost her sexual arousal when you go down on her as slowly as you can.

Don’t go straight to the clitoris.

Now while the clitoris is the most sensitive erogenous zone in a woman’s body, stimulating it before it’s really ready will prevent it from churning out the loads and loads of pleasurable sensations that it’s able to produce.

Always keep in mind to get her completely sexually aroused first before even thinking about pleasuring the clitoris when you explore south of her border.

(Here’s an awesome clitoral stimulation move you can use to blow her mind when you are already at it, too.)

You think you know everything you need to know.

Sure you may have gone down on your partner lots of times already and have an idea of the things that get her going during oral sex, but it’s still very smart to ask her how you should run the show.

Come to think of it. Who knows best what will get your lover off than her, right?

Keep clear from these oral sex no-no's!

Keep clear from these oral sex no-no’s!

I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female sexuality that some guys don’t seem to have a clear idea what to do when they’re going down on their partners.

Now while they may have the right intention – and that is to blow a woman’s mind with a barrage of pleasurable sensations from down under – not having a clue of the things that they should avoid during the action easily breaks their chances of pulling it off.

There is even a big possibility that you’re guilty of doing the same mistakes as well.

So if you’re looking to really give your lover an oral sex session that she won’t forget anytime soon, make sure you avoid the following…

Patience is a virtue.

Sure you may have seen in porn movies how the male actors almost always zero in on the vagina and clitoris immediately when they get the chance (and make them feel rather ecstatic while at it, too), doing this in real life will just lead to disaster.

See, the clitoris needs a bit of time to get ready for stimulation. Akin to the erectile tissues in the penis that need to firm up first before they can produce pleasurable sensations, this erogenous zone won’t be able to churn out the same if stimulated way sooner than it should.

Make sure that your partner is totally sexually aroused first before you get busy south of her border.

Easy does it.

Another oral sex mistake that you should always keep clear of is applying too much pressure and going full speed ahead on her intimate areas as soon as you get the opportunity to do so.

Now while applying varying techniques and pressure on her sexy bits is sure to yield different and exciting sensations, simply going fast and furious on them straight away will only lead to less the favorable results.

Keep in mind to go slow and easy to really get her going.

Don’t be afraid to ask for directions.

Although you may now have a general idea of what areas to focus on as well as the techniques that you can do when you’re going down on your partner, don’t hesitate to ask for suggestions from her while you’re at it.

Don’t act as if you already know what there is all to know about oral sex because chances are you don’t.

Remember that she knows what really takes her pleasurable sensations through the roof, so better let her guide you to really get the job done.

So you'd like to give her a mind-blowing oral sex session...

So you’d like to give her a mind-blowing oral sex session…

Going down on a woman is perhaps one of the best ways to knock her socks off when things get extra steamy in the bedroom.

Aside from giving you the opportunity to pleasure her intimate areas using various stimulation techniques that you can’t normally pull off using your fingers and penis, you can also easily make her reach the Big O if you play your cards right as you go along.

But here’s the situation…

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, simply giving your lover a bout of oral sex isn’t going to cut it if you’re looking to blow her mind.

So if you’re really looking to give her an oral sex session that will blow her mind as soon as the action kicks off, here are a few mistakes that you should always keep clear of…

Don’t go straight to the clitoris.

Now while I agree that the clitoris is no doubt the most sensitive erogenous zone in a woman’s body given the sheer number of nerve endings that it contains, making a beeline for it when you get the chance is just a big mistake.

See, the clitoris needs to be properly prepped up first before it can really produce the pleasurable sensations that it’s capable of. Not doing so will only make a woman feel uncomfortable – even to the point of pain – while you’re at it.

(Same thing applies for the nipples, too.)

Don’t start hard with your stimulation.

Most men tend to think that the more forceful you stimulate a woman’s nether regions during oral sex, the more pleasure she will experience.

It’s actually the opposite. You’ve got to start as slow and easy as you can to really get her going in the process. And once she’s buckling and groaning with pleasure, you can already take things up a notch.

Don’t forget to ask her what she’s in the mood for.

Although there are very specific erogenous zones that should be pleasured during oral sex, making it a point to ask your partner how she’d like to give it a go is a must.

This is because a woman’s sexual preferences tend to change from time to time and you won’t be able to give her an amazing time if you just rely on your instincts.

Come to think of it. Who knows what will really pleasure her during oral sex best? It’s your lover, right?

So you'd like to give her an awesome oral sex session...

So you’d like to give her an awesome oral sex session…

Oral sex should definitely be on your list of things to do between the sheets if you’re looking to give a woman a lovemaking session that she won’t forget anytime soon.

Apart from having the chance of pleasuring her erogenous zones like the vulva, breasts and clitoris more intimately, you’re also going to stimulate a lot of sensitive nerve endings while at it that will give her an orgasm or two.

However, a lot of guys mistakenly believe that going down on a woman simply involves making a beeline for her genitals and licking as fast as they can.

So if you really want to give her oral sex that will blow her mind, make sure that you always keep clear from these no-no’s when  you go down on her…

Having a dirty bedroom.

Now while this may sound rather surprising to be on this list, having a clean bedroom when you’re planning to go down on a woman is more than just aesthetics.

It basically helps her to become ideally relaxed and comfortable.

And if you’ve been following my posts for a long time now, a woman needs to feel really relaxed and comfortable to get completely sexually aroused, which can easily make or break your efforts at giving her an awesome oral sex experience.

Going too fast.

Although a woman’s erogenous zones like the breasts, vulva and clitoris contain a lot of extremely sensitive nerve endings, they still need to be fired up properly or else they won’t produce pleasurable sensations.

Keep in mind to get her really warmed up first before exploring south of her border.

It’s also important to start slow and easy when you go down on her or else she’ll just feel awkward and uncomfortable even if you’re already bringing your oral sex A-game into play.

Going too hard.

Unlike what a lot of men think, applying a lot of pressure when stimulating a woman’s erogenous zones won’t increase the pleasure levels that she will experience during oral sex.

It will just lead to the opposite.

Make it a point to let her guide you while the action is going on. Ask her where she’d like to be stimulated, the techniques she wants as well as how light or hard she likes the whole thing.

Come to think of it. Who knows best what will really knock her socks off during oral sex other than the woman you’re giving it to?