oral sex checklist

Use this checklist as a guide when you're going down on her...

Use this checklist as a guide when you’re going down on her…

So here’s the situation…

You and your lover are already heating things up between the sheets and you’d like to take her pleasure levels up a notch by going down on her.

Unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly think, though, giving your partner an amazing oral sex session isn’t about making a beeline for her genitals and start stimulating like there’s no tomorrow.

It will just be uncomfortable for her no matter how hard you try and can easily ruin her mood for lovemaking before you know it.

But the thing is that you simply have to keep a few important pointers in mind to really knock her socks off when you explore south of her border. Make sure you follow along to find out more…

Get her mind going.

Sure the idea of oral sex is pleasuring a woman down there, but immediately doing just that before she’s completely sexually aroused will just lead to some issues as you go along.

You need to coax her brain to produce and release a lot of positive hormones first to make her erogenous zones intensely sensitive to stimulation as well as get her really wet and excited in the process.

Besides describing the things that you’re going to do to her while you’re going down on her, sending her kinky text messages before the action starts is also a good idea.

Start slow and easy.

Keep in mind that going fast while you’re exploring south of her border doesn’t mean she’s going to get loads of oral sex pleasure.

This is actually one of the biggest oral sex myths ever. While you can see porn actors stimulate their partners like there’s no tomorrow in skin flicks, the result will just be the opposite in real life.

See, going as slow and easy as you can actually gives your lover more pleasurable sensations. And unless she’s the one asking you to speed things up as you go along, don’t change your pace and rhythm.

You’re sure to see her toes curl up as well as hear her moan like crazy when you do this.

Vary your techniques.

Oral sex isn’t just about using your tongue and lips. You can actually get the job done in a lot of ways if you simply get creative enough.

You can use your fingers or mix things up with a bit of kissing, licking and caressing to keep her guessing what will you do next.