natural ways to get rid of erectile dysfunction

Rising up to the occasion won't be that tough now when you check out this article.

Rising up to the occasion won’t be that tough now when you check out this article.

Erectile dysfunction is perhaps the worst sexual setback that a man could ever go through. Besides hindering you from achieving an erection, it also makes successfully having sexual intercourse with your wife or girlfriend seem impossible.

If that sounds horrible already, erectile dysfunction can also lead to major psychological issues, such as severe loss of self-esteem and panic disorders. Sure you may not be suffering from it right now but if you have the following 5 bad habits, you’re guaranteed to have problems rising up to the occasion sooner or later when things get steamy in the bedroom:

Not exercising enough.

Having a sedentary lifestyle is the number one red flag that you should keep clear of when erectile dysfunction is concerned. Apart from making you susceptible to a bevy of serious illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart problems, not sweating it out like you should regularly can lead to the blockage of blood vessels and arteries that are responsible for achieving a stable erection.

Not having a proper diet.

If your idea of a meal is a combination of saturated fats, sweets and a couple of servings of soda, then you’re guaranteed to feel the effects not just in your waistline but your nether regions as well. Excess sugar and bad cholesterol can cause blockages to your system that deter the flow of blood to your penis and prevent you from achieving an erection. Stock up your fridge with healthy foodstuffs like oatmeal and fresh fruits and vegetables instead.

Not exercising your PC muscle.

Most men tend to overlook the PC muscle’s role in achieving and maintaining stable erections. It needs to be exercised properly if you want to reap the rewards of getting ready for a sex session whenever you want.  If you still aren’t that knowledgeable with the ways to give it a decent workout, here are the things you need to take note of when exercising your PC muscle.

Not drinking moderately and quitting smoking.

Excessive consumption of alcohol and indulging in too much tobacco won’t just put your vital organs at risk of breaking down unexpectedly but will also lessen your ability to get an erection sooner or later. Although scientific studies claim that enjoying a glass of your favorite drink daily can actually make your heart stronger, smoking like a chimney has absolutely no health benefits at all and you should stop as soon as you can.

Not taking a chill pill.

Too much stress can derail your efforts at successfully achieving an erection when you need it the most. The moment you feel that you just can’t seem to sort out your responsibilities at home and at work or perhaps you can’t find yourself focusing properly even on the simplest tasks, make sure you have a vacation as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re experiencing physical or psychological stress. You’re going to have erectile dysfunction soon if you don’t take care of it immediately.

Still not kicking the smoking habit? Learn why it affects your performance in bed and more when you check out this article.

Still not kicking the smoking habit? Learn why it affects your performance in bed and more when you check out this article.

Not being able to reach an erection or maintain one long enough to successfully perform sexual intercourse can be very upsetting to you and your partner. If you’re looking to keep rising up to the occasion when things get steamy in the bedroom, I have the best pointers to help you get the job done without a hitch. Make sure you check out the rest of this article right away to help you get started in no time at all.

Avoid drinking and quit smoking. Overindulging in your favorite brand of spirit or cigarettes can make your member a bit shy the next time the opportunity for a lovemaking session presents itself. Excessive levels of alcohol and nicotine in the body can tighten veins and nerves in which blood flows through to achieve an erection. While experts say enjoying a glass of red wine or beer daily can actually make your heart stronger, smoking has no health benefits whatsoever and should be stopped as soon as you can.

Stop being a couch potato. If you can’t remember the last time you put on your sneakers for a bit of brisk walking or jogging, then you’re definitely a potential candidate for the ED club sooner or later. Your ability to achieve an erection primarily depends on how swiftly blood travels in your system. Having a sedentary lifestyle hardens the arteries that are responsible for the same. Make it a point to get moving at least half an hour a day to keep it up even during the most unexpected sexy times.

Workout your PC muscle. Believe it or not, knowing how to give your pubococcygeus muscle – or the PC muscle – the proper conditioning it needs can lead to stronger erections and extended bedroom playing time. Apart from allowing blood to flow to your penis more freely as soon as you get sexually aroused, the PC muscle also keeps you from coming too quickly during intercourse. (Here are some PC muscle exercises you can do.)

Eliminate Stress. High levels of stress can take a toll on your sex life. At its simplest, sexual arousal is equal parts psychology and your overall wellness. No matter how active you are, not having the right mindset can easily impede even the most potentially explosive bedroom private party for two. Always remember to set boundaries where your career ends and your personal life begins…or else you’ll miss out a lot when it comes to sex.

Learn how to always "rise up to the occasion" with these 5 easy tips.

Learn how to always “rise up to the occasion” with these 5 easy tips.

Enhancing your erection is not as complicated as what some so-called online sex gurus make you think. While getting access to pills and various pharmaceutical products has become the norm for most men nowadays when it comes to holding back erectile dysfunction, there are actually natural (and very effective) ways to rise up to the occasion when you need it.

If you’re looking to learn the secrets of getting your member up and ready each and every time without putting yourself at risk of serious side effects or health complications, you’ve definitely come to the right place. Here are the 5 things you need to take note of to effectively protect your ability to go “hardcore” without a hitch:

  • Get active. Having a sedentary lifestyle is the biggest deal breaker when it comes to achieving an erection when the opportunity for a sexual encounter presents itself. Besides putting you at risk of diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, stroke and a bevy of other health issues that can reduce your longevity, your ability to get a stiff one will also be compromised if you can’t remember the last time you put on your walking shoes.
  • Stop smoking and drinking excessively. Believe it or not, overindulging in your favorite brew and cigarettes can take a toll on your erection sooner or later. Drinking and smoking too much won’t just constrict your blood vessels that are responsible for achieving an erection but will also affect your bedroom endurance as well. Although research shows that enjoying a glass of red wine or beer can make the heart stronger, ticking off smoking on your list as soon as possible is the best way to go.
  • Take time off. Remember “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?” Apparently, it also makes Jack rather impotent as well. Although minimal levels of stress can help you make better decisions and solve problems with ease, having too much can disrupt your body’s ability to become fully sexually aroused. Sure you can still have an erection when you’re stressed but chances are you’re not going to maintain it long enough to successfully penetrate your partner.
  • Avoid using medicines to treat ED. It’s not uncommon to see a plethora of pharmaceutical products distributed commercially these days that are specifically manufactured to combat erectile dysfunction. They may give faster results but the downside is you don’t know what their side effects are until they manifest sooner or later. Known negative secondary responses to ED drugs range from spiralling testosterone levels and mood swings to low sex drive and the inability to think clearly.
  • Work up your PC muscle. While it is more popularly known as the muscle that helps prevent incontinence, flexing your pubococcygeus muscle or PC muscle won’t just lead to stronger and longer erections but also extends your bedroom playing time easily. You only have to exercise it for a couple of minutes a day and you’re done. How easy is that? (Now how about learning how to give her the mind-shattering oral sex she’s always wished for?)
There are natural (and very effective) ways to get rid of erectile dysfunction. Learn them when you give this a browse.

There are natural (and very effective) ways to get rid of erectile dysfunction. Learn them when you give this post a browse.

If you think you’re a having a tough time “rising up to the occasion” when it comes to getting between the sheets with your wife or girlfriend these days, then this is the place to be. Besides from showing you totally natural (and very effective) tips that are guaranteed to help you keep erectile dysfunction at bay, I will also throw in a secret that is sure to give you longer and harder erections without a fuss.

The lowdown on erectile dysfunction

In a nutshell, erectile dysfunction or impotence is basically the inability to achieve an erection or keep one going long enough to successfully penetrate your partner during sexual intercourse. It is a surprisingly common sexual disorder among adult men around the world and happens to almost every guy – even if only temporarily – at some point in their lives.

Besides preventing you from doing the deed with your wife or girlfriend, erectile dysfunction also can also cause a number of psychological issues that can range from the loss of self-confidence to severe anxiety attacks if ignored. If you’re looking to shake off erectile dysfunction as soon as possible and bring back the fireworks in the bedroom, here are the things that you should take note of right away:

  • Shed off excess pounds. Being overweight doesn’t just make you a strong contender for developing serious diseases like hypertension, diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular problems. It can also significantly reduce blood flow to your penis and can make achieving an erection difficult or even impossible. Make sure you cut back on sweets and fatty foods and load up on fruits and vegetables instead. Exercising for a minimum of an hour or so twice a week greatly helps speed up the weight loss process, too.
  • Lay off alcohol and tobacco. Having one too many drinks each day and smoking like a chimney won’t just put your vital organs at risk of breaking down sooner or later but also constricts your blood vessels. Since the penis needs an ample supply of blood flowing to achieve erection…well, you get the picture. Limit your alcohol intake to a glass of wine or a bottle of beer daily and you’re good to go. As for smoking, just kick the habit as soon as you can.
  • Take time to de-stress. Experiencing too much stress daily can take its toll on your ability to get an erection, not mentioning a whole plethora of other health problems. Whether it’s physical or psychological stress, having too much of it won’t just make your next bedroom party for two a dud but can also potentially cause high blood pressure, migraines as well as gastrointestinal issues. Do not get too emotionally attached to your work or other obligations. When you’re feeling a bit too choked up at the office, taking a vacation can do wonders.
  • Give your PC muscle a workout. There’s no need to worry just yet if you’ve already had an episode of erectile dysfunction or two. Just as I have pointed out earlier, it’s natural for men to go through the experience as long as it doesn’t happen every time you’re getting ready for a lovemaking session. One possible reason is maybe you’re not just exercising your PC muscle regularly. Make that a daily habit and you won’t just get harder and longer erections but orgasms that are out of this world, too!