mistakes that cause premature ejaculation

Here are a few premature ejaculation-causing mistakes that you should avoid...

Here are a few premature ejaculation-causing mistakes that you should avoid…

If you’re anything like most men, experiencing as much sexual pleasure as you can when things are getting hot in the bedroom is no doubt the top item in your checklist.

However, you’re noticing that you are simply going off too soon when you and your lover are at it between the sheets these days.

There’s no need to worry just yet though or perhaps get your hands on artificial products like pills and creams that claim to prolong your staying power during sex.

Make sure you follow along to learn a few simple tips on how to stave off premature ejaculation…

Think of her pleasure first.

Simply thinking that sex is mostly about you already puts you at risk of coming too soon during lovemaking. This is because you’re going to unknowingly create a surge of feel-good hormones in your body.

If you’re really looking to extend your bedroom playing time, make it a point to give her a lovemaking session she won’t forget anytime soon first.

Apart from stimulating her erogenous zones properly, you can also let her call the shots to really know what she’s in the mood for between the sheets.

Control your breathing.

Sure your breathing rate may pick up during sexual arousal, but making it a point to control it when you and partner are heating things up in bed is a priority to prevent premature ejaculation.

See, your brain translates your breathing rate as a sign that it should pump up the amount of feel-good hormones in the body. Now while these make lovemaking pleasurable, having too much of them accelerates your ejaculatory response.

Slow things down a notch.

The body’s orgasmic and ejaculatory functions basically kick in when the brain thinks that you’ve already experienced the right amount of stimulation during sex.

And the primary factor that the brain uses to gauge this? The sensations that your penis experiences as you sexually penetrate your lover. The quicker you thrust, the faster this process will take place.

You think that you’re going to come too soon.

Did you know that what you’re thinking can easily influence how long you will last during lovemaking?

If you think that you’re going to have a premature ejaculation, you’re basically giving your brain the notion that it should speed up the whole sexual arousal process to make this a reality. Keep in mind to think otherwise and you’ll be surprised how long you’ll be able to pleasure her in bed.