make her excited for sex

These tips will surely make her excited for sex.

These unusual tips will surely make her excited for sex.

Giving your lover an amazing time when the two of you get in action between the sheets is probably the first thing on your sexual checklist.

However, you’re noticing that her interest in the old squeaky squeaky is not that intense these days.

There’s no need to worry just yet though. The following tips are sure to help you get her back on track in no time at all:

Keep your bedroom as spic and span as you can.

See, getting a woman excited for sex is all about making a woman’s brain release mood-altering hormones.

The right hormones, that is.

The results you’re going to get will turn out far from what you’re expecting if the wrong ones get in the picture.

Even if you get your A-game going in the bedroom, your partner won’t be that excited for sex if her body doesn’t churn out the right hormones.

Sure you may already know all the tricks that get her fired up for lovemaking, but they won’t hit their mark if stress hormones are let loose.

And one of the things a lot of guys tend to overlook that really irk women and prevent them from looking forward for sex is a messy bedroom. This is because seeing things disorganized, dusty and cluttered fill a woman’s brain with stress hormones.

And when this happens, she will have trouble feeling sexy no matter how hard you try.

Raise her oxytocin levels.

Oxytocin is a hormone that is called the “love chemical” because it makes a woman feel ready to get down and dirty in the bedroom if they get released in her body.

And making sure your lover’s system is ideally producing and releasing them is not that complicated at all. You only have to keep these two tips in mind…

One, hug your lover as frequently and tightly as you can. The brain basically stimulates the pituitary gland to release oxytocin when there is regular close skin contact involved. Sounds quite easy, right?

Two, make her feel you really care for her. Treat her to dinner. Surprise her with gifts. Give her the notion that she means a lot to you and you’re good to go.

Give her dark chocolate to munch on.

Apart from giving her taste buds a party, dark chocolate also helps her body churn out a lot of happy hormones called endorphins due its very high concentrations of phenylethylamine (PEA) almost instantly.

At its simplest, endorphins make your partner feel more relaxed, which is very important if you’re looking to get her sexually aroused.