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Changing Sex Position Is A Simple Tactic For Lasting Longer

Here’s a dead simple tactic to last longer in bed that you might not have thought of before…

So as you probably know orgasms don’t just happen out of nowhere.

There has to be a cause in order for there to be an effect (you orgasming).

And the primary cause of you orgasming is physical stimulation.

So the more physical stimulation you get – the quicker you orgasm.

Pretty simple really.

Now there are a few other nuances to lasting longer in bed, but this point is a big one, because the fact remains that the more intense the physical stimulation you experience the quicker you will orgasm.

And how does this all relate to sex position changes?

Well, you can use sex position changes tactically to temporarily reduce your physical stimulation.

And since the amount of physical stimulation you experience is linked to how quickly you orgasm, by reducing your stimulation you can last longer.

So next time you feel like you’re getting close to orgasm…

Just change positions.

The chances are you’ll find that just by changing positions you’ll get a little break from stimulation so you can last longer.

And if you time your position changes well, that small break in stimulation can do a LOT to help you last longer.

It’s really that simple.

Now of course this won’t solve premature ejaculation overnight, but what it is – is another useful tip which when used in combination with others can help you last significantly longer in bed.

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