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If you’ve ever wanted to know the real definition of premature ejaculation you’ll find this pretty interesting…

There’s a lot of debate over the real definition of premature ejaculation.

One article I was reading recently said “If you spend the whole time during sex thinking about not ejaculating, that’s PE”.

Although the article was interesting, I disagree with the statement.

Personally I believe there is one definition of PE that can’t be beaten, and that is…

Premature ejaculation is any time you orgasm during sex earlier than you would like to.

Simple really.

And isn’t it true?

If you’re not lasting for as long as you want then you’ve got premature ejaculation.

You are orgasming earlier than you would like to.

Another interesting way to look at it is to say that premature ejaculation is any time you orgasm during sex before your woman does.

This means you could orgasm within 1 minute of sex, but it wouldn’t matter if she does too (which is more than possible with the right skills, by the way).

What I’m really trying to get across here is that there is no fixed time definition of PE.

Lasting 10 minutes in bed is one man’s victory, while another man’s failure.

It’s really all down to your experience of sex.

And it’s something interesting to think about.

Now in this post I really just wanted to discuss the definitions of premature ejaculation, but if you’d like to find out what causes it and what to do about it then you’ll want to check out this article on premature ejaculation.

So how much of this premature ejaculation “stuff” do you think is all in your head?

Let me tell you what I think…

Firstly, I’m never going to agree with someone who says that learning how to last longer in bed is 100% in your head.

Sometimes a new technique or thing you do physically during sex can really help you last longer in bed.

But that does NOT mean that things like your beliefs and attitude when it comes to sex don’t have an effect on how long you last.

I’ve just finished reading a very interesting blog post called 10 Ways Not to Suck in Bed and although it includes a whole bunch of actions of what to do to become better in bed, the underlying theme was to “just play it cool”…

Essentially it was saying don’t mess things up by getting too serious too fast or doing weird things you think will impress her…

Just play it cool.

Which when it comes down to it is really an ATTITUDE NOT ACTION.

And just as that article gave some attitudes needed to not suck in bed, if you want to last longer in bed you’ll need some attitudes to help you as well.

Because the truth is I can give you a whole list of “techniques” to use to last longer in bed (and of course I do give those away in many of my articles), but if your head isn’t in the right place then even if I give you the best technique in the world it probably still wouldn’t help you.

So to come full-circle you really need a combination of techniques and solid mental attitude to both last long in bed and be a great a lover.

Let me finish with a tip to help out with each…

1. To improve your mental attitude towards sex spend every day for the next month reading some positive information (like on this blog) about what to do to improve in bed.  This alone will slowly transform your subconscious mind and get it to focus on what really matter when it comes to sex and as a result make you a much better lover.

2. Practice getting really good at using one particular technique per week.  Doing something once is not enough to make a permanent change, you’ve got to do it a few times until it becomes internal. And you shouldn’t move on to trying a different techniques until the first one you’ve tried becomes internal.  So focus on one new technique at a time and get it in your brain.

If you’re wondering what some techniques are that you can use to last longer in bed then check out this article that includes 3 premature ejaculation cures.

But while you’re here…


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How long do you reckon a Buddhist monk could last in bed?

Putting aside the fact that most Buddhist monks don’t actually have sex for religious reasons… let’s just for the sake of argument say they did.

How long do you think they would go before the “dreaded” premature ejaculation?

My guess is that they would last pretty darn long.

And I guess this for the simple fact that they would probably be incredibly relaxed throughout the whole thing.

Since they spend so much time meditating I imagine they’d probably have very VERY few things to worry about.

Even if they did have things to worry about they probably wouldn’t worry about them just because all that meditation they do would just melt away those worries.

So when it comes to sex they’d probably be totally calm and in control.

And why would this help them last?

Well one of the main causes of premature ejaculation is excess stress, worry and nervousness.

You may have heard me talking about this before, but unnecessary worry and nervousness have consistently been link to premature ejaculation.

Some argue that worry and stress cause the release of the hormones adrenaline and dopamine into the bloodstream which in turn encourage premature ejaculation.

And unfortunately since many men worry about premature ejaculation so much they only end up making it happen time and time again just because of the fact they worry about it.

It can twist your brain a bit if you think too much about it, but my point is that since Buddhist monks are so chilled out they’d probably last pretty long in bed if they wanted to…

Because the worries wouldn’t be there.

So why don’t you do the same as them and get rid of those worries.

Take 5 minutes a day from now on to just sit still, distraction free and meditate.

You don’t have to do any fancy visualization or anything, just sit there and watch your thoughts go by.

Do this for a minimum of a week and soon you’ll finding yourself feeling relaxed in the bedroom and lasting much longer.

I was hanging out with a good friend of mine recently when the topic of lasting long in bed came up.

Without even battering an eye-lid he said “oh that’s easy, I just have 6 beers and then I can last for ages”.

How’s that for a last longer strategy?

Well as effective as it might be for him, it’s not something I personally recommend.

In a way, it’s kind of similar to some of the other potentially scam solutions online like pills, creams or special condoms.

And the way that it’s similar is that it’s quick fix for sure, but it only works the one time you use it.  It’s not like a technique that you can learn and use every time you have sex from now on…

It only works once before he has to use it again.

So if he gets into a situation where he’s with a woman he’d like to have sex with daily then that means he’s going to have to get through 6 beers everyday just to keep on top of his sex life.

Which isn’t exactly an ideal solution…

Not only is it damn inconvenient… Think of what the cost would be to your health if you want to have long lasting sex daily and the only way you could do it was with drinking 6 beers everyday…

You’d be screwed!

The fact that although like this “strategy” for stopping premature ejaculation might actually work, it’s not a viable long-term solution and it’s an incredibly inconvenient one on top of that.

I may be a bit biased here, but I kinda prefer the 100% natural solution of techniques and strategies that mean I can last longer in bed every time I have sex without relying on some external “thing”.

But anyway, that’s my rant over…

What are some of the more “out there” solutions you’ve heard about?  Drop a comment below to let me know…