how to sexually arouse a woman

Let her be the one leading you to bed with these foreplay tips.

Let her be the one leading you to bed with these foreplay tips.

Women don’t get hot and ready for some bedroom action at a drop of a hat like men do. With a few superb foreplay tips, however, you’re guaranteed to get the job licked (pun intended) in no time at all. Make sure you give the rest of this article a careful read through to learn a few foreplay pointers that will definitely get your wife or girlfriend going.

Let her anticipate.

Believe it or not, anticipation is perhaps one of the best tools you can use to take her arousal levels off the charts. Don’t immediately zero in on her erogenous zones the moment things get steamy in the bedroom. Stall for time getting your wife’s or girlfriend’s top off or unbuttoning her jeans. The excitement and anticipation in the process will get her senses all fired up and leave her begging you for more.

Talk dirty to her.

While most men think that getting physical is the only way to get their partners in the mood for sex, whispering kinky things in her ear can also give you the same results. Tell her in graphic detail the things you’ll do to her during your lovemaking session as well as the stuff you know that turns her on and chances are she’ll be up for a round of mind-blowing sex in no time.

Don’t rush things.

Unless your wife or girlfriend is into rough sex, taking things slow and easy is the way to go when doing foreplay with your partner. Spend a few minutes concentrating on a specific erogenous zone like her neck, back of the ears or breasts. You will know you’re doing a good job heating your partner up when her breathing gets a bit faster and she’s moaning like crazy. Use your lips, fingers and tongue at the same time to give her a sexual sensation overload that she will never forget.

Give her just the tip.

Remember the anticipation pointer I told you about earlier? You can make your wife or girlfriend go wild with sexual tension if you just insert the tip of your penis in her vagina when she expects the full treatment. Don’t forget to rub your member over her clitoris and outer labia and get ready to see the full wild sexual side of your partner in action. (Now’s your cue to brush up on your Kegel exercises to last longer in bed and give her the sexual satisfaction she’s always wanted.)