how to prevent premature ejaculation

There are simple and natural ways to last longer during sex.

There are simple and natural ways to last longer during sex.

There is nothing more humiliating than ejaculating ahead of time when making love with your wife or girlfriend.

If you’re unable to last long enough while having sex to provide your sweetheart the satisfaction she’s always wanted, then there is really no reason to fret just yet.

Allow me to share the tips you need to know that are sure to give you superb marks in the performance department whenever you get between the sheets with your wife or girlfriend:

Keep your imagination in check.

Although this may seem somewhat unusual, thinking of non-sexual stuff when you are getting busy in the bedroom can, in fact, prolong your bedroom playing time.

Any time you think that you’re nearly reaching orgasm and on the brink of ejaculating, keep yourself preoccupied by mulling over how your team did in the finals or what your plans are this weekend.

This will definitely buy you additional time pleasuring your lover.

Don’t be full of negative vibes.

Getting extremely keen in relation to not climaxing ahead of time may actually result in premature ejaculation when you are making love to your wife or girlfriend.

The next time you feel extremely aroused, picture yourself in your mind pleasing your sex partner like she’s always wanted instead of reaching orgasm and you’re simply sure to put up with the rigors of lovemaking longer than the usual.

Slow and easy does it.

Rapid climaxing is essentially your body’s response if your arousal level gets to its highest sooner than it should.

Utilizing the stop-start technique – specifically syncing the regularity and level of your thrusts in order to avoid coming too soon – can deal with that without a hitch. The next time things get steamy in the bedroom, sexually penetrate your partner slow and shallow 5 consecutive times then follow it up with 5 fast and deep ones.

This just doesn’t change up the rhythm of your lovemaking but also resets your arousal levels as well.

Make masturbation a regular in your schedule.

Are you aware that pleasuring yourself routinely is a great strategy to figure out your arousal level and forestall ejaculation problems?

Being aware of when you reach the point where you can easily reach orgasm not only helps you measure your sexual pace and beat whenever you and your wife or girlfriend get between the sheets but also helps you gain self-confidence to understand more about your sexuality to a whole new higher level.

How to prevent premature ejaculation simply and naturally.

How to prevent premature ejaculation simply and naturally.

Are you still having trouble coping with premature ejaculation each time you do the horizontal mambo with your wife or girlfriend?

Today is your lucky day.

You’re finally going to learn 4 of the best-kept secrets that won’t just help you last longer on your next lovemaking session but will definitely give your partner the sexual satisfaction she has always wanted in a snap.

Are you masturbating often?

 Whether you call it polishing the skin flute or perhaps milking the lizard, masturbation is an effective way to find out when your sexual arousal is at its peak.

Apart from helping you determine when you usually reach orgasm, playing tag with the pink torpedo also guarantees to prolong your endurance between the sheets when done an hour or so before you get intimate with your partner in the bedroom.

Speed control is a must.

 Your penis glans is at its most sensitive during the first couple of minutes of penetration.

If you don’t control the speed and frequency of your thrusts within that given time frame, you’re running the risk of ejaculating too quickly even before you have the chance of pleasuring your partner. Remember to get the job done slowly but surely and you’re good to go.

Think of non-sexual things.

 No, not those nasty things you normally check out from an obscure folder on your computer when your wife or girlfriend is away, but rather non-sexual stuff that can distract you from ejaculating too soon during intercourse.

The next time you feel you’re about to come, mull over mundane things like why beer tastes so great and who will become the Super Bowl champs next year. That will surely extend your nookie playtime in a pinch.

Forget about being anxious…about coming too soon.

Obsessing that you’re going to ejaculate prematurely can mess with your body’s reaction to your arousal levels and will actually make you come quicker than you’d like to.

Don’t dwell on your previous failed attempts to satisfy your partner in bed. The next time you have a roll in the hay, make her satisfaction your top priority and you’re guaranteed to last longer without a fuss.

ice Prolong your sexual action with these simple pointers.

ice Prolong your sexual action with these simple pointers.

I’m pretty sure that lasting for as long as possible when the action is hot in the bedroom is one of your top sexual priorities.

Apart from knocking your lover’s socks off with loads and loads of pleasurable sensations, her chances of achieving an orgasm or two as you go along are also going to be higher.

But the thing is you’re simply noticing that you are coming way sooner than you’d like to during lovemaking these days.

Now while this problem may be rather upsetting, there’s really no need to reach for pills, creams, gels and other artificial stuff that promise to extend your playing time between the sheets.

I’ve learned a few simple and natural techniques during my extensive research into the male sexuality that you can keep in mind to stave off premature ejaculation. Make sure you follow along to learn more…

Don’t worry.

I know this sounds quite surprising to be even on this list, but worrying that you’re going to come too soon when you and your partner are looking to get things extra steamy in bed is going to promote the release of stress hormones.

These hormones just disrupt the functions of their positive counterparts and their effects include making your erections unpredictable and premature ejaculation.

Your mindset is to pleasure her.

A lot of guys tend to forget that they should put the pleasure of their partners first before theirs during a sex session. This leads to them getting carried away during the action and making them come sooner.

Start slow.

Your body activates its orgasmic and ejaculatory responses as soon as the levels of positive hormones reach their peak during sexual arousal. Going slow and easy prevents them from accumulating quickly and ending your lovemaking session.

Pleasure her using other means.

Make it a point to use other means of stimulation during sex like fingering and oral action. Don’t focus too much on penile stimulation since overdoing it can make you prone to coming too soon.

(Here’s a useful fingering pointer you can use that will help blow her mind.)

Have a rhythm to your thrusts.

Most men tend to think that thrusting is all about pumping like there’s no tomorrow. Time your thrusts so your body can regulate the amount of positive hormones that it’s releasing. You can try thrusting quickly three times then take it down a notch for the next two.

Is she getting annoyed because you're coming too soon in bed these days?

Is she getting annoyed because you’re coming too soon in bed these days?

If you’re anything like most men, chances are you’d like to last for as long as you can when you and your lover are at it between the sheets.

Apart from giving your partner a sex session she won’t forget anytime soon, the pleasurable sensations that you’re also going to experience while at it will be very amazing.

However, you’re simply noticing that your ability to last long in the bedroom these days is dipping down. And it’s already getting you worried.

But before you get your hands on pills, creams and other artificial stuff that claim to get the job done, let’s have a quick rundown on the possible reasons why you’re coming too soon nowadays…

You’re going too fast.

Sure this may sound simplistic, but the pace you’re setting while you’re getting in action in bed with your lover will significantly affect the time you’re going to ejaculate.

See, the brain gauges when to activate your orgasmic and ejaculatory responses by measuring the amount of positive hormones that are present in your body. If it detects that you’ve got enough in your body, you’ll come.

Keep in mind to get things as slow and easy as you can and you will be fine.

You think you’re going to come too soon.

Sexual arousal is set off by the production and release of positive hormones in the body. As soon as you have an ideal amount in your system, you’ll be ready for action between the sheets.

But the thing is something happens when you think that you’re going to come too soon in the process. The brain is stimulated to churn out negative hormones that only do the opposite of their positive counterparts.

Make it a point to think positive while you’re at it!

You only focus on your pleasure.

One of the key reasons why some men tend to drop their load sooner than they’d like to is not concentrating on their partner’s pleasure. Sexual penetration is one thing, but really taking care of business is another.

Remember the previous item we went over with? An overload of pleasure levels for you will make your brain activate your orgasmic and ejaculatory responses faster.

Why not concentrate more on your lover’s pleasure while at it? Remember that her chances of reaching the Big O again and again will be higher this way as well. (Here’s a surefire foreplay tip that will help you get the job done.)