how to masturbate

Remember these mistakes the next time you masturbate.

Remember these mistakes the next time you masturbate.

I’m pretty sure that masturbation is a mainstay in your regular schedule.

And unlike what a lot of guys mistakenly believe, masturbating isn’t just about experiencing sexual pleasure without your wife, girlfriend or lover. It actually has some good things to offer as well.

Besides being quite pleasurable, which is no doubt the top reason why men masturbate, frequently doing the “five finger shuffle” also has some rather awesome benefits like relieving stress and staving off prostate health issues.

How’s that for getting your rocks off and staying in great shape?

But the thing is there are some key mistakes that you should keep in mind before you start your masturbation session to make the experience as pleasurable as possible.

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Masturbation Mistake #1: Not picking the right spot.

Location matters a lot when you masturbate. Always remember to go for places that aren’t just safe and comfortable, but where you can keep your privacy as well.

Apart from avoiding possible injuries while you’re at it, you also won’t be prone to embarrassing situations in the process.

Just imagine how disastrous the whole thing will be when somebody inadvertently sees you “whacking the bird” or walks in on you while you’re “holding your sausage hostage.”

I highly suggest doing the deed in your bedroom if you’re hankering for a solo quickie.

Masturbation Mistake #2: Not having lube.

Now while you can still “play tug of war with the Cyclops” dry, doing so with lube not only intensifies the pleasure levels that you experience, but also prevent any damage to your penis caused by the friction of stroking it.

And make sure you apply the lube generously before even thinking about starting the action with the first stroke.

Masturbation Mistake #3: Starting too fast.

Sure your ultimate goal when you masturbate is to achieve orgasm and cum, going fast and furious as soon as you get the chance is something that you should keep clear of when you’re “slapping the salami.”

See, besides not giving your body to really prep up for sexual arousal, which makes you miss out on a lot of pleasurable sensations, you will also have a problem familiarizing when your sexual peak kicks in.

Your sexual peak is basically the time when the levels of positive hormones in your body are already off the charts, which set off your orgasmic and ejaculatory responses.

Knowing when your sexual peak gets triggered easily helps you prevent premature ejaculation.

Remember these pointers the next time you masturbate.

Remember these pointers the next time you masturbate.

If you’re anything like most men, you probably masturbate in a regular basis.

Apart from being very pleasurable and exciting, making it habit to “badger the witness” or “stroke the sausage” actually has some pretty fine benefits.

These benefits include helping relieve stress and tension as well as promoting the release of unwanted buildup in the prostate, which can lead to health issues in the long run.

Now while you pretty much have an idea how to masturbate, some guys tend to overlook some key factors that can significantly lessen the pleasurable sensations it can set off as you go along.

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Choose a comfortable spot.

Although you can masturbate virtually anywhere you like (as long as it’s private, secured and you’re not breaking any laws or rules while at it, mind you), keep in mind to go for a safe and comfortable environment when doing the deed.

Besides ensuring that you won’t be in for bodily harm, you won’t also experience any issues that can disrupt you from experiencing all the pleasurable sensations that you deserve in the process.

My top choices are in the bedroom or in the bath in case you’re looking for some suggestions.

Have some lube on hand.

The act of masturbation basically involves stimulating your penis to achieve orgasm and each stroke causes small amount of friction in the process.

When the friction your penis goes through becomes rather high, it’s already prone to lesions and blisters, which aren’t just painful, but can also linger for days and will surely make action in the bedroom rather tricky to perform.

It is really smart to get your hands on an ideal amount of lube to prevent this from happening. I recommend a water-based option that is smoother and gentler on the skin.

Go slow and easy.

Although going fast and furious right off the bat is quite tempting when you masturbate, make it a point to go slow and easy the next time you have a go at it.

This is because apart from getting as much pleasurable sensations as you can, you can also easily identify when your sexual peak is. In case you’re wondering, it is the time when your ejaculatory and orgasmic responses are ready to go off.