how to make your lover wilder in bed

So you're looking to make her wilder in bed...

So you’re looking to make her wilder in bed…

Unlike what a lot of guys think, there are simple ways to make a woman bolder and wilder during sex.

And what’s even more surprising is it isn’t as technical as you think.

So if you’re looking to transform your lover into being more provocative when things get hot in the bedroom, here are a few simple ideas you have to keep in mind to pull it off easily…

Make proper grooming a priority in your schedule.

Most men overlook the fact that their partners won’t be able to really get their freak on between the sheets if they don’t spend a considerable time grooming themselves properly. Looking unkempt and smelling not so good can easily ruin a woman’s sexual arousal.

And that also means she won’t be that willing and ready to try a few new moves during sex. Chances are she won’t be up for lovemaking as well no matter how hard you convince her when you neglect proper grooming.

Keep in mind to take daily showers and use deodorant. Brushing and flossing regularly also helps, too. As long as you keep yourself looking and smelling nice, you’re definitely on the right track to making your partner more provocative in bed.

Remember to encourage her.

Sure this may sound surprising, but giving a few words of encouragement to your partner during lovemaking can make her explore her wild sexual side better.

Apart from telling her outright that she has the ability to take your sex session up a notch, making her feel that she’s calling all the shots the next time you get frisky in the bedroom will also help her become more relaxed to get a bit more risqué.

One thing to try is getting your lover on top when you get down to business, which gives her a feeling of dominance and enhanced sexual thrill.

Clean your bedroom more often.

At its simplest, women can’t reach their sexual peak that allows them to be more adventurous in bed if they think that the room they’re in needs a bit of vacuuming and dusting.

Make it a point to put organizing and cleaning in your regular schedule if you’re aiming to get your lover up for anything during your sex session. A few accents like putting on new sheets and curtains, as well as a spritz or two of a scent she loves will improve your chances of doing just that.

Make her more adventurous in the bedroom with these tips.

Make her more adventurous in the bedroom with these tips.

There are times when you just wished that your lover was a bit more adventurous in the bedroom. If you’re anything like most men, you’ve probably fantasized about her being more open to new sexual positions and make love more often than usual.

Well, my friend, what if I told you that there are 4 simple ways to do just that when things get hot in bed with your lover? Sure the whole thing may sound a bit complicated right now, but it will all add up when you follow along…

Tip #1: Compliment her sincerely.

Expressing how you adore your lover’s body makes her more comfortable about showing it off and she might even take her wild factor in bed up a notch while at it. Just keep in mind that you should not compliment the same body parts over and over again since she might feel there’s something wrong about the other ones.

Moreover, make sure you don’t overdo it in the process as well. Now while it’s alright to say you love how her legs look or perhaps how perky her breasts are every seven minutes or so, simply giving her a lot of compliments in a very short amount of time will make you sound like you’re just fooling her.

Tip #2: Encourage her to try new things.

A lot of men sometimes get frustrated when it comes to sex because their lovers aren’t that willing to try new positions between the sheets. They seem to forget that while women love sex as much as guys do, they can have a lot of inhibitions about trying stuff that they don’t usually have in their sexual checklist.

This is where encouragement comes in. You need to reassure her that everything will go just fine and she will find the experience pleasurable, too. Just don’t make your partner feel that you are rushing her into it or else it might ruin her mood instantly.

Tip #3: Improve your hygiene.

Your overall hygiene can make or break your chances of making your lover wilder in the bedroom. See, women are very particular with how their partners look and smell during lovemaking and they can lose their sexual momentum if they think you’re sending out the wrong visual and nasal cues.

Besides making it a point to shower regularly and using deodorant, it is also a smart idea to dress appropriately to really sweep her off her feet. Top it off with a subtle woody or musky scent and you’re guaranteed to get her going wilder than usual in no time.