how to make sex amazing after marriage

Here's how you can keep your sex life amazing even after years of marriage...

Here’s how you can keep your sex life amazing even after years of marriage…

A lot of husbands mistakenly believe that marriage is the end of hot sex. They think that they’re already resigning themselves to dull lovemaking the moment they exchange vows with their wives at the altar.

Now while it’s true that maintaining a great sex life in marriage involves both the husband and wife, not having the initiative to turn things around when getting frisky between the sheets becomes rather monotonous can easily lead to serious problems sooner or later.

So if you’re looking to bring back the wildly pleasurable sex sessions you and your spouse used to have before you tied the knot, here are a few useful pointers that will definitely help you do just that without a fuss…

See her as your lover again.

Men seem to immediately think of their wives as different people when they get married. They have this mindset that their spouses won’t be as wild and adventurous in the bedroom compared to when they were still going steady as a couple.

And this is where the problem usually starts. They think that since they’re already married, their wives won’t be as interested in sex as before.

If you’re feeling that your lovemaking sessions with your wife aren’t that spicy anymore, get rid of the idea that your lover or girlfriend became a different person after marriage. Just think of it as a different phase in your relationship and you can still get wild and crazy with her during sex.

Keep your kids out of your bedroom.

Keep in mind to make your bedroom a no-kids zone. Sure this may sound rather out of the box, but not designating your bedroom as a private place for you as a couple will only result to unexpected distractions and interruptions when things get hot between you and the missus.

Just remember that kids can still have the run of your home. It’s simply your bedroom that they’re not allowed in so it’s really a fair trade-off. And having great sex with your wife every time you get in the mood is definitely worth it.

Don’t be sloppy with your hygiene.

A lot of husbands seem to forget that their wives are still very particular with the way they look and smell simply because that’s the way a woman’s mind works. Make sure you still take regular showers and use deodorant. Shave off that beard. Trim your fingernails. Let her know that you’ve still got it and chances are she won’t be able to keep her hands off you. (Here’s how you can improve your foreplay skills while at it, too.)