how to make her give you a bj

Boost your chances of getting a BJ with these tips.

Boost your chances of getting a BJ with these tips.

I’m pretty sure that getting head from your lover is one of things that are in your sexual checklist. It’s basically one of the most pleasurable experiences you can go through in the bedroom.

But here’s the thing…

She seems to be not that eager to give it a go until now.

I know it’s a bit worrying right now, but I’ve picked up a few pointers during my extensive research into the female psychology that can help you change the situation in your favor.

Let me explain what I mean…

Take personal grooming up a notch.

We’ll kick things off with grooming. Women are very particular with how you look and smell. If you look and smell not that nice down there, she will have a tricky time convincing herself to go down on you no matter how hard you try.

Make it a point to trim wayward pubic hair and soap the south of your border properly when you’re taking a shower or a bath and you’re on your way to make her say yes to oral sex.

Give her amazing oral sex yourself.

Oral sex is a two-way street. If you don’t give your partner the oral sex pleasure she deserves, there is a big possibility that she won’t be that game to give you a blowjob. Keep in mind to knock her socks off each time you go down on her to boost your chances.

(Here’s an oral sex tip you need to remember to help you pull off just that.)

Don’t be bossy.

Being bossy in the bedroom simply promotes a surge of negative hormones and neurotransmitters like cortisol in her body. Besides ruining her overall sexual mood, this also makes her impatient and feeling awkward.

Make it a point to ask her nicely when you’d like to get head. She may not say yes the first few times, but she’s going to give the green light before you know it. Making her feel that you’re rushing her will just lead to disaster.

Be more vocal when it’s her turn.

Being vocal when she goes down on you not just makes her feel that you really love getting blowjobs, but also gives her the notion that she’s doing the right stuff. Keep in mind to loudly express your enjoyment with every pleasurable sensation you experience. Just remember to guide her as you go along so your reactions won’t sound fake and forced.