how to make her feel more relaxed during sex

Boost her comfort and relaxation in bed with these tips.

Boost her comfort and relaxation in bed with these tips.

If you’ve been following my posts for a while now, you probably already know that getting a woman as comfortable and relaxed as she can is a must if you’re looking to give her a sexual experience that will knock her socks off.

See, the more relaxed and comfortable a woman is, the easier it will be for her brain to stimulate the hormone-producing glands in her body to produce and release positive hormones.

The higher the numbers of these positive hormones are in a woman’s body, her sexual arousal won’t just be through the roof, but it will be also easier for you to make her achieve orgasm as you go along in the bedroom.

So if you’re planning to give your lover a sex session that she won’t forget anytime soon, here are some useful tips that I’ve learned during my extensive research into the female psychology that will surely help you get on track…

Clean and organize your bedroom.

Let’s kick things off with a key factor that can easily make your lover either more sexually aroused or perhaps ruin her mood for action between the sheets.

Always make it a point to really give your bedroom the cleaning and organizing it deserves. A dirty and messy bedroom will only promote a surge in stress hormones in your partner’s body that can sap away her sexual arousal before you know it.

Having a weekly bedroom cleaning and organizing task in your regular schedule will easily do the trick.

Use positive and reassuring words.

If you’re anything like most men, chances are you’d like to get straight to the action when things are already heating up in the bedroom.

Sure you may already know the erogenous zones that get your partner in the mood for lovemaking, but are you giving her brain the stimulation that it really deserves by using positive and reassuring words?

Now while this sounds surprising right now, integrating reassuring and positive words in your bedroom checklists can do anything from making her feel relaxed and easy and getting her sexual arousal in gear to boosting the positive hormones in her body for a mind-blowing orgasm as you go along in your lovemaking session.

Go slow and easy.

Sure the urge to go fast and furious when you get the chance is great, but you need to take things as slow and easy as you can when you’re looking to make your lover feel more relaxed during a sex session.

Besides intensifying the stimulation you’re giving her, your chances of going off too soon will also be rather minimal.