how to make anal sex more pleasurable for her

So you want to make anal sex more enjoyable for her...

So you want to make anal sex more enjoyable for her…

Now here’s the situation…

You finally convince your lover to have anal sex with you. If you’re anything like most guys, chances are it’s a dream come true because doing it in the backdoor is definitely an item in your sexual bucket list.

But the thing is that making her enjoy the whole thing isn’t just about sticking your thing in her anus and start thrusting like you see in porn movies.

So if you’re looking to give her a pleasurable time when you enter her from behind, here are a few simple tips to help you pull it off…

Anal Sex Tip #1: Get her as sexually aroused as you can.

Your partner’s sexual arousal can easily make or break your chances of making her enjoy anal sex.

A woman has to get and kept totally sexually aroused the whole time or else she won’t really find anal action as pleasurable as you want it to be for her.

Keep in mind to really heat her up before even thinking about making a beeline for her anus.

Anal Sex Tip #2: Inform her that you’re going in.

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of men seem to make when it comes to anal sex is simply going ahead and putting their members inside their partners’ anuses during lovemaking.

Besides being very annoying, “accidentally” sexually penetrating her in the backdoor can be really uncomfortable to the point of being painful for her as well.

And chances are you’re not going to convince her to say yes to anal sex again when you do this, too.

Anal Sex Tip #3: Have lots and lots of lube ready.

Unlike the stuff you see in porn, you’ve got to have a lot of lubrication on hand for anal sex. You need to reapply as soon as you feel that things are not as smooth when you began your backdoor action.

And while we’re on the subject, going for water-based lubricants is a much smarter option since they’re much smoother on her lady bits.

Anal Sex Tip #4: Let her set the pace.

Sure the temptation to get fast and furious as soon as you get the chance  is very high during anal sex, but doing just that is going to make the experience uncomfortable for her.

Make it a point to let her call the shots when it comes to anal action and you’ll be surprised how much easier she’ll find it enjoyable.