how to make a good impression on a date

So you'd like to make a good impression on a first date...

So you’d like to make a good impression on a first date…

Unlike what a lot of men mistakenly think, making a good impression during a first date isn’t about picking the fanciest restaurant as your venue and bringing the most expensive gifts.

Or perhaps following the silly “tricks” so-called dating gurus are saying like putting on loud clothes as well as acting obnoxious to “establish” an alpha male presence.

There are actually simple ways to help you pull off just that and you’ll find out what they are when you follow along…

A well-planned outfit counts a lot.

Let’s kick things off with something that some guys seem to overlook when they take a woman out on a date. The outfit you pick can easily make or break your chances at making a good impression with her.

See, women are visual creatures who tend to make their first impressions on a guy based on their looks. So if you show up on a first date like you just got out of bed, things won’t go as you expected.

It’s not how fancy you look, too. As long as you pick clean clothes and shoes, you’re already on the right track.

Grooming is key.

It’s not just the visual factor that you should keep an eye on. How you smell is also an essential element when you’re looking to make a good impression during a first date.

So make it a point to take a long and meticulous shower before the big event. Don’t crimp up on the soap and deodorant, too.

(Here are a few useful grooming tips that you need to have in your checklist to help you really get the job done.)

Talk about trivial things.

A lot of men believe that if you strike up a conversation with the most complicated subject you can think of, the woman you’re out on a date with will think that you’re smart and likable.

However, only the opposite will happen when you do this. Make it a point to talk about trivial stuff like her favorite movie, the name of her first pet or perhaps her favorite flower instead.

Sure they may sound rather simple, but they can easily get a meaningful conversation going and you can establish a connection with her much easier.

Act like a gentleman.

Remember that chivalry is not dead and acting like a gentleman is sure to boost your chances of acing a first date.

Pull up chairs for your date. Open doors for her. Lend her your jacket when the weather is nippy. I know some guys think it’s corny, but it’s definitely going to work.


Ace that date each and every time when you give these pointers a browse right now.

Ace that date each and every time when you give these pointers a browse right now.

When it comes to dating, I truly believe in the adage that “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.” Why? Because being totally prepared to make a great impression on each date you go on can mean the difference between having another exciting night out with the girl of your dreams or just some predictable weekend tryst with Mary Palmer.

If you’re looking to take your dating skills up a notch, you’ve come to the right place. Assuming you know enough not to show up in your boxer shorts and looking like you’ve just finished a large-scale gardening project, here are a few of my dating tips and tricks that are guaranteed to score you Date Number 2 in no time at all:

  • Invite her for a couple of drinks instead of having dinner. Believe it or not, she is as anxious as you on your first date and sitting through a four-course meal can be more of a boring interview than a stepping stone for romance. Take her instead to your favorite bar in town (hers works just as fine as well), grab a drink or two and get to know each other better in a more relaxed fashion.
  • Don’t act like a phony. Nothing beats ruining your chances of scoring another date sooner or later than acting like a pretentious big shot. Trust is a very big issue among women and they can easily discern if you’re the real deal or just putting on a show. Don’t lie about what you do for a living or the books you’ve read. Just tell it like it is and you’re good to go.
  • Be a good conversationalist. Talking is inevitable during a first date and unless the two of you met at a mime convention, knowing a few pointers on how to get the job done is definitely an advantage. The rule of thumb is to keep the conversation as light and friendly as possible. While you’re both aiming to get to know each other better, revealing too much information in the process can be an instant deal breaker. Keep in mind to make your date ask about the more serious stuff so you’ll appear more mysterious to her.
  • Don’t scrimp on the compliments. For the record, women love to hear how pretty they look, especially on first dates. Make sure you notice the things your date obviously took time and effort with like the way her hair and makeup is done, the clothes she’s wearing and her choice of shoes. Avoid mindlessly buttering her up just for the sake of it, though. Next thing you know, she’ll see through your ruse and it’s game over all of a sudden.
  • It’s okay to be nervous. Most men think that being a bit jittery during a first date is taboo. Contrary to popular belief, experiencing a few minutes of anxiety when you’re out with a woman that you’re looking forward to spend time with is all but natural. However, it’s your job to calm yourself down before you go through the more embarrassing signs of nervousness like facial twitching, excessive sweating, uncontrollable stuttering or worse, sexual performance anxiety, if you’re lucky enough to get the chance to sleep with her. Always remember that confidence is an absolute turn on for the opposite sex and chances are you’ll have to your ticket to Date #2 without a hitch if you show it.