how to make a date successful

You're guaranteed to score another date with the girl of your dreams if you give this article a thorough read-through.

You’re guaranteed to score another date with the girl of your dreams if you give this article a thorough read-through.

First dates can be rather stressful, nerve-wracking and ridiculously uncomfortable if you don’t have an idea how to do it right. If you’re planning to ask out the girl of your dreams soon, here are some top-notch pointers that guarantee you will have an unforgettable time together:

Plan ahead meticulously.

Arranging the details of your date as carefully as you can is the very first thing that you should take care of before inviting her out. Leaving your date to chance is perhaps the biggest mistake you’ll ever make if you want it to be smooth and enjoyable for the both of you. Come to think of it, what’s more awkward than finding yourself standing aimlessly next to your exasperated date wondering what to do next? (Moreover, here are some top-notch seduction techniques you can check out while at it, if you know what I mean.)

Keep the conversation trivial.

No matter how dedicated you are to the preservation of corals in the Pacific Ocean or your views about politics and religion, they are definitely not the best topics to discuss during a first date. Prevent minutes and minutes of awkward silence during your first night out by carefully choosing which subjects to talk about. Need a hint? Ask your date what her favorite sandwich is or what the name of her first pet is and you’re already good to go.

Take her somewhere familiar.

You won’t be in for an awkward date if you take the girl of your dreams to a place she is really familiar with. Whether it’s her favorite bar in town or local deli slash comfort food stopover, your date is sure to be more conversational and good-natured compared to taking her someplace else. Pro-tip: Unless she informs you beforehand, never bring her to a fancy restaurant on your first date. It might turn out to be more like of a job interview in the process than an intimate event.

Pay attention to her.

Most men tend to forget that avoiding an awkward date (and scoring a second night out in town while at it) is as easy as listening closely to what their potential sweethearts are saying. Be it the name of her dog or favorite romantic comedy movie of all time, you will never know when she’ll quiz you up a bit to see if you’re paying attention. With that said, never ask her to pull out her wallet from her purse no matter what. You’ll lose a lot of debonair points in the perfect date department that way!

Dazzle the girl of your dreams with these surefire dating tips.

Dazzle the girl of your dreams with these surefire dating tips.

When it comes to taking out the girl of your dreams, scoring a second chance to make a good first impression can be quite tough. If you’re still having trouble sealing the deal on a second date up until now, then it’s time you gave this article a thorough read-through.

Apart from remembering to look and smell nice, there are other key points to take note of to convince the girl you’re out with to go on a second date with you. Here are the mistakes you should avoid making to start the ball rolling on your successful dating career:

Don’t let the jitters get to you. Although it is quite normal to feel a bit anxious when you’re going out with a woman you really like, overdoing it can lead to a rather unpleasant panic attack and then it’s the end of the line. Just relax and remember that she agreed to go out with you in the first place. Interestingly, chances are she’s also a bit tense so play it cool and you’re good to go.

Don’t act like a wimp. Confidence is sexy. Women are sticklers for men who are confident and know what they’re doing. Make sure that you’ve got all the important details of your date down to pat a couple of days before the big day to wow her without a hitch. Don’t forget to take care of everything from the venue to the post-date activity and you’ll definitely be on your way to Date Number Two.

Don’t be a phony. Fibbing just to impress the girl you’re out with is perhaps one of the most desperate moves in the dating game. Women have an uncanny ability to see through even the most rehearsed lies and your date will end up a dud faster than you think once she feels you’re only taking her for a ride to Pretentious Avenue. Being a phony will only get you nowhere. Stay as truthful as you can and you’re already doing great.

Don’t pick a fancy restaurant on your first date. Believe it or not, choosing a swanky eating joint for a first date is a big no-no if you want to score another one soon. Instead of establishing a romantic connection with your date, you’ll only end up making the whole thing feel like a job interview. Pro-tip: go for her favorite deli or bar and you’re guaranteed to boost your chances of making sparks fly in no time at all.

Don’t act like you’re the star of the date. While having the right confidence is an advantage, having too much of it can be an instant turn off for your date. Make sure you intently listen to what she’s saying without interrupting. Keep in mind to compliment her for the things she obviously took time preparing like her clothes and makeup. Remember to open doors for her and help her sit comfortably. Make her feel like a princess the whole time and you’re already halfway there.

These dating tips will surely have you jumping for joy when you check them out.

These dating tips will surely have you jumping for joy when you check them out.

There is a very fine line between scoring a second date and a disaster if you don’t have the right know-how when you take out the girl of your dreams. If you’re looking to make a good first impression and build a romantic connection with your date at the same time, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Besides showing you a few pointers that are guaranteed to land you another date, I will also include one of my best-kept secrets that will instantly transform you into a certified Casanova without a hitch. Make sure to give the rest of this article a thorough read-through to upgrade your dating skills right away.

Location counts a lot. Believe it or not, the challenge of impressing your date actually begins when you choose where you’ll have the big event. While going for a place that’s too ritzy might give her the idea that you’re trying too hard, selecting a shabby one might end up being anything but favorable. Settle for a venue that’s simple and enjoyable for the both of you like her favorite bar or deli (yours works just as well).

Be a go-getter. Confidence is perhaps one of the biggest turn-ons among women. If you can show her how cool and self-reliant you are without being too arrogant, then you, my friend, are certainly on your way to a second date. On the other hand, acting like you left the stove on at home – or wimpy, if you’d like a better adjective – will only have her looking for an excuse to be someplace else.

Dress up like it’s a high-profile job interview. Visual and nasal cues are the most prominent stimuli among women and if you look and smell good on your first date, you’re guaranteed to score another if you play your cards right. Make sure you go for classy yet comfortable apparel that will sweep her off her feet as soon as she sees you. Unless you like Brad Pitt, keep in mind to lay off the grungy pair of jeans and college shirt you consider as your “casual ensemble” no matter how cool you think you look in them.

Chivalry is a definite plus. Being a gentleman means more than just helping your date sit comfortably and opening doors for her. It means making her feel like royalty the whole time she’s with you. Make it a point to listen to every word she says, call the waiter for her and lend her your coat when the weather turns a bit frosty. Next thing you know, she’ll be hinting about a second night out without a fuss.

It pays to be ready. You just never know what will happen during the course of your date, buddy. Updating your sexual playbook before a first date is optional but certainly an advantage. Make sure you already know how to properly stimulate and satisfy her in bed as well as learning the secrets of stopping premature ejaculation just in case your date becomes rather steamy.

Having a successful one isn't just pure luck; it's a form of art. Learn how to get the job done.

Having a successful date isn’t just pure luck; it’s a form of art. Learn how to get the job done.

So you’ve finally got the chance to go on a first date with the girl of your dreams. Now what? Having a successful one isn’t just pure luck; it’s a form of art. If you’re still wracking your brains on how you’re going to get the job done on the ever-intimidating first date, I’ll show you the tips and tricks that are guaranteed to sweep your date off her feet and earn you a second romantic rendezvous – or even more – in no time at all.

Hold your head up high. When it comes to first dates, having enough confidence (or the lack of it) can instantly make or break your chances of taking her out again soon. Sure a first date can be very intimidating but keep in mind that she agreed to go out with you in the first place. Isn’t that something to be proud of already?

Have a plan. Women hate going out with wimpy men who always ask them what to do. Make sure you’ve got your first date all figured out right to the smallest details to avoid giving her the impression that you don’t have the initiative. Keep it as relaxed as possible, too, so stay away from four-course dinners and similar options that could feel very committal. While staying gentle and courteous with your date is a priority at all times, it is also a must that you show her that you’re always in control of the situation.

Take time to prep up. Visual and nasal cues are the strongest stimuli in the opposite sex. This means that how you look and smell during your first date can be either your ticket to another night out with her some other time or the end of the line. Remember to take a shower, shave off that rather unkempt stubble, splash on some deodorant as well as put on real clothes instead of that Metallica-Rules-tee-and-jeans combo you may have been wearing since college days and you’re good to go.

Make her feel special. Your date has just spent a long time getting ready and it’s not enough that you know you’re going out with a beautiful woman. Instead, you have to tell her how amazing she looks. Sincerely complimenting her on the things that she obviously took time and effort with like her hair, clothes and shoes won’t just make her feel appreciated but eases a lot of the first date jitters as well. Keep in mind not to butter her up just for the sake of complimenting or else she’ll see through your ruse and take them as lies.

Keep the conversation flowing naturally. You don’t have to lie about your job or the books you’ve read to impress a woman on your first date. Knowing how to listen carefully to what she’s saying and remembering the key details already makes her feel more comfortable spending time with you. Once you are able to successfully change the atmosphere to a “date” rather than an “interview,” you’re definitely in for more exciting possibilities soon.

Don’t expect too much. Having a first date doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re already on your way to a more serious romantic relationship with the girl of your dreams. Avoid rushing things. Do not be overconfident that she’s really into you. Let her initiate the first kiss. Let her be the one inviting you over at her place for a nightcap. Always wait for her lead or else you’ll be sorry. (In case you do get lucky, here are some superb ways to extend your bedroom playing time in one easy read.)