how to last long in bed

Being good at foreplay can mean the difference between getting your woman to orgasm within minutes of sex and having her NEVER orgasm.  Here’s how to get your woman super-horny before you start having sex…

Firstly you’ve got to realize how women work differently.  As this article called Sex Tips: Know More About Foreplay puts it, women and men are totally different when it comes to arousal.

Men are like light bulbs and women are like irons.  We can be turned on and off instantly, but women need to be turned on gradually over time.

So how can you use this to your advantage?

Well firstly, take a moment to get into her shoes.  Imagine how you would view sex if it wasn’t a yes or no decision, but rather something that happened over time.

The first thing you’d realize is that you’d have to be in the mood to want to go ahead with it…

Sound familiar?

Because if a woman is not in the mood for sex… She is not in the mood for sex, and no amount of verbal persuasion can change that.

As men we’ve all been there, wanting sex, but our woman doesn’t want it, because she doesn’t feel like it.

It can be frustrating to us because it’s difficult to understand how she feels because we can get turned on in an instant.

But there’s also a flip side to this…

If we understand what women are like we can learn from it.

And the first thing to realize is that since you’ve got to turn her on over time… Why not start earlier?

Why not start teasing and flirting with her during the day?

Say little sexual comments to her throughout the day.

Slowly build up her anticipation for sex.

This way when it finally comes to physical foreplay she’ll already be incredibly excited and you’ll be much less likely to run into the roadblock of “I’m not in the mood”.

You’ll be amazed at the difference this little trick has on your sex life.

And what’s even better is that if she’s really horny she’ll orgasm a lot faster so you have to worry less about how long you last.

But if you are still interested in lasting longer then you’ll want to check out this article on How To Last Long In Bed… This article combined with incredible foreplay is like dynamite for your bedroom skills.

How long do you reckon a Buddhist monk could last in bed?

Putting aside the fact that most Buddhist monks don’t actually have sex for religious reasons… let’s just for the sake of argument say they did.

How long do you think they would go before the “dreaded” premature ejaculation?

My guess is that they would last pretty darn long.

And I guess this for the simple fact that they would probably be incredibly relaxed throughout the whole thing.

Since they spend so much time meditating I imagine they’d probably have very VERY few things to worry about.

Even if they did have things to worry about they probably wouldn’t worry about them just because all that meditation they do would just melt away those worries.

So when it comes to sex they’d probably be totally calm and in control.

And why would this help them last?

Well one of the main causes of premature ejaculation is excess stress, worry and nervousness.

You may have heard me talking about this before, but unnecessary worry and nervousness have consistently been link to premature ejaculation.

Some argue that worry and stress cause the release of the hormones adrenaline and dopamine into the bloodstream which in turn encourage premature ejaculation.

And unfortunately since many men worry about premature ejaculation so much they only end up making it happen time and time again just because of the fact they worry about it.

It can twist your brain a bit if you think too much about it, but my point is that since Buddhist monks are so chilled out they’d probably last pretty long in bed if they wanted to…

Because the worries wouldn’t be there.

So why don’t you do the same as them and get rid of those worries.

Take 5 minutes a day from now on to just sit still, distraction free and meditate.

You don’t have to do any fancy visualization or anything, just sit there and watch your thoughts go by.

Do this for a minimum of a week and soon you’ll finding yourself feeling relaxed in the bedroom and lasting much longer.