how to keep your erections strong

Are you looking to always get rock hard on demand?

Are you looking to always get rock hard on demand?

I am really disappointed at the stuff a lot of so-called “sex gurus” are saying these days.

Apart from claiming that erections “naturally” tend to get weaker with age, they also point out that the only way to fix the whole thing is to get your hands on artificial products like creams, lotions and pills.

Sure you can go for these solutions to maintain the power of your erections, but the risk of experiencing nasty side effects sooner or later is something you can’t keep clear of. And that’s definitely not something you’d want to happen, right?

However, if you’d like to stay on the safe side and still get the job done, here are a few simple and natural tips to keep your erections as strong as ever…

Keep a close eye on your diet.

What you’re loading up on in a regular basis can have a direct effect on your erections.

See, here’s the thing. If you make it a point to have your recommended dietary amounts of fruits, vegetables and similar healthy stuff every day, your body will get the necessary nutrients it needs to function up to par.

But if you habitually go for junk food and sodas, which are just filled with salt, grease and sugar, chances are you’ll feel your erections fizzling out when you least expect them to.

I’m not saying that you should swear off eating and drinking your favorite snacks though. Just make them a once in a while treat and you’ll be fine.

Make exercise a regular habit.

Ideal circulation is a must when it comes to keeping on achieving strong erections. And one way to make sure that your body has ideal circulation is keeping your heart functioning in tiptop shape.

Sure there are a lot of wellness supplements and similar products commercially available these days that can help keep your ticker in the pink, but exercising is still the best way to do just that.

Having at least 15 to 20 minutes of vigorous exercise like biking, brisk walking and jogging will already do the trick.

Keep your alcohol consumption moderate.

Now while we’ve previously discussed that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol can be quite helpful in terms of getting and staying rock hard, overdoing it will simply lead to the opposite.

See, ingesting excessive amounts of alcohol can numb out a part of the brain that is responsible for sexual arousal and pleasure. And you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

As for smoking, it’s definitely important that you kick the habit as soon as you can or else you’re going to be vulnerable to a lot of sexual problems and health issues in the long run.

Your diet could be a culprit for erectile dysfunction...

Your diet could be a culprit for erectile dysfunction…

Giving your lover the sexual satisfaction she wants between the sheets is basically about being able to get rock hard and staying that way until she reaches the point of no return during your lovemaking session.

Now while you may not be having issues rising up to the occasion each time things get hot in the bedroom these days, not giving your body the attention and TLC it deserves can easily put you at risk of erectile dysfunction sooner or later.

So if you’re looking to maintain the strength and quality of your erections to always give your partner an amazing time in bed, here are a few key pointers you need to keep in mind…

Get enough shuteye daily.

Sleep is basically the time when the body heals and rejuvenates itself. You can think of it as a natural restoration process your system goes through regularly.

And this covers everything from damaged tissues to tired blood vessels. If you’re not getting ideal amounts of shuteye daily, chances are you could be prone to circulatory problems and sailing blood pressure levels in the long run.

Aiming for 6 to 7 hours of continuous sleep is the average time that you should go for each night.

Have a nutritious diet.

What you load up on in a regular basis can easily make or break your erections.

If you make it a habit to eat and drink stuff that are packed with beneficial vitamins and minerals, you’re on your way to maintaining the power of your erections. On the other hand, you are more prone to getting the softie syndrome if you are always munching on junk food.

Now while it is perfectly fine to indulge in your favorite delicacies and comfort food from time to time, just remember to eat more healthy stuff to avoid putting your erections in danger.

Kick your smoking habit.

Although we’ve emphasized that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol can actually help boost your circulation and the quality of your erections, smoking in a regular basis simply does the exact opposite.

See, nicotine isn’t just the only thing that you introduce in your body when you inhale cigarette smoke. You’re also getting lots and lots of dangerous chemicals like tar and cyanide that can wreak havoc in your system almost immediately.

And one of the problems that these chemicals can set off is disrupting your blood pressure, which also means there’s a possibility you won’t get rock hard on demand.

Here's why you need to load up on more oysters...

Here’s why you need to load up on more oysters…

I’m pretty sure that you (and your lover) consider your erection as a very important factor when it comes to sex.

Now while having a strong and stable erection when things get hot in the bedroom means that your sex session is going to be awesome for you and your partner, having one that’s weak and fizzles out sooner than you’d like to simply means the opposite.

And if you’re noticing that your erections are not as strong and stable these days when you and your lover are heating things up between the sheets, there’s still no need to reach for pills, creams and other artificial stuff just yet that a lot of so-called “sex gurus” are recommending.

Here are a few simple and very natural ways to keep your erections as strong as ever…

Watch your alcohol intake.

Although alcohol has a beneficial effect to your circulatory system when consumed in moderate amounts, drinking like a fish on a regular basis is just going to affect the strength and intensity of your erections in the long run.

This is because regularly having high alcohol levels in the body numbs out key parts of the central nervous system, which help oversee that the erectile tissues in the penis absorb the right amount of blood they need to get an erection going.

Moreover, having continuous drinking binges also dampen the pleasurable sensations you feel during lovemaking. How uncool is that?

Masturbate more.

I know masturbation is still a touchy subject until now, but making it a regular in your schedule can help you maintain your erections as strong as ever.

See, masturbating regularly helps “train” your brain to direct more blood flow to the pelvic region, which is in turn absorbed by the erectile tissues in the penis to achieve an erection, each time you get in a sexual mood.

As an added bonus, frequent masturbation also helps you easily gauge your sexual peak, which can stave off your risks of ejaculating prematurely when you and your partner are at it between the sheets.

Eat more oysters.

When it comes to bumping up your body’s zinc levels, nothing beats loading up on oysters. The zinc in them boosts the testosterone in your system, which is one of the key factors of getting strong erections.

Make sure you only eat raw, fresh oysters to get the most zinc out of them. Remember to check them for their cleanliness, too, or else you’ll have a bout of indigestion as soon as you eat one. Simply drizzling oysters with a bit of lemon juice and slurping them straight up is also one of the best culinary experiences you will ever have.

I'm pretty sure you'll eat more oatmeal after you check this out.

I’m pretty sure you’ll eat more oatmeal after you check this out.

I’m pretty sure you consider having a strong erection one of the most important things to have when you and your lover are already warming things up in the bedroom.

Now while rising up to the occasion isn’t an issue for you these days, there are a number of key factors a lot of guys tend to overlook that can easily make you lose the power and intensity of your erections in the long run.

Make sure you check out the rest of this article to find out a few useful pointers that will definitely help you always rise up to the occasion when you and your partner start getting frisky between the sheets…

Sweat it out!

Making regular exercise a part of your schedule is a priority if you’d like to keep your erections as strong as ever. This is because you are basically optimizing your body’s circulation every time you have a vigorous physical activity.

And when it comes to getting strong erections, having ideal blood flow is an essential.

When the erectile tissues in the penis don’t get the blood they need, you’re only going to either have a very weak erection that will fizzle out sooner than you’d like to or perhaps you won’t get hard at all.

I’m not saying that you should start becoming a fitness buff to achieve this. Simply making it a point to exercise at least 15 minutes daily like going on a slow jog or taking the treadmill for a spin will already do the trick.

Kick your smoking habit!

Sure you may think that having a puff of your favorite cigarette can help you feel calmer when you need to chill out, but habitually smoking is basically one of the worst things that you can do for your erections.

See, apart from inhaling nicotine, you are also introducing a lot of toxic chemicals that can wreak havoc in your body as soon as they enter your system. These chemicals disrupt your circulation bit by bit until the whole thing gets out of control.

And when this happens, your erections are sure going to be affected.

Eat oatmeal!

I know this one sounds rather odd, but keeping in mind to eat oatmeal regularly helps stave off the accumulation of bad cholesterol in the channels where blood flows through.

When bad cholesterol levels shoot up like crazy, they force the lining of these channels to thicken up and prevent blood from flowing through. Apart from putting your erections at risk, you will be also susceptible to health problems like heart attack, stroke and cardiovascular disease when this happens.