how to keep getting rock hard

Take note of these pointers to keep getting rock hard!

Take note of these pointers to keep getting rock hard!

If you’re anything like most men, I’m pretty sure that you consider your ability to achieve strong and powerful erections as a very important factor when it comes to giving your lover a sex session that she won’t soon forget.

But the thing is there’s a big risk that your ability to rise up to the occasion when things are getting extra steamy between the sheets if you’re not keeping a few important pointers in mind.

Make sure you follow along to learn what these are so you can keep on getting rock hard when you and your partner are already prepping up for sexual action in the bedroom…

Watch what you load up on.

Sure this may sound rather surprising, but what you eat in a regular basis can have a big effect on your ability to achieve a strong erection. It can go either way as well, depending on the stuff you usually munch on.

Always make it a point to go for healthy options like lean meat, fish as well as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Now while I’m not saying that you should totally cross off your favorite snacks and comfort treats like chips, pretzels and pork rinds, just remember to only enjoy them from time to time and you’ll be alright.

Drink up!

If you want to keep your erections as strong and powerful as you’d like them to be, then you have to drink a lot…of water, that is. See, water doesn’t just quench thirst, but also keep the blood channels to function up to par.

When blood channels like blood vessels, arteries and veins are working ideally, the erectile tissues in the penis won’t have a tough time absorbing all the blood they need to get you rock hard in no time.

Have at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily and you’re on the right track to powerful erections. (A moderate glass or two of your favorite brew also has benefits to the heart as well.)

Exercise regularly.

Habitually sweating it out not only conditions your overall circulation to work optimally, but also keeps your heart functioning properly even during intense physical activity.

Come to think of it. You’re not just optimizing your blood flow when you exercise frequently. You are also boosting your energy levels in the process. How’s that for two for two?

And just imagine how that will help you really give your lover an amazing time between the sheets.

Here are a few tips how you can keep getting rock hard on demand...

Here are a few tips how you can keep getting rock hard on demand…

If you’re anything like most men, chances are you hold your erections in high regard.

And you and your lover are sure to be in for a lot of disappointment and frustration as well when you lose your ability to get rock hard on demand.

However, unlike what a lot of so-called “sex gurus” are saying though, maintaining your ability to get a stable erection doesn’t have to do with age or perhaps the use of artificial stuff like pills and creams.

So if you’re looking to keep getting rock hard on demand, here are a few simple tips that you should keep in mind…

Get the right amount of sleep.

I know this sounds a bit surprising right now, but making it a point to have the ideal amount of sleep is a priority if you’re aiming to maintain the strength and quality of your erections.

See, missing out on the z’s can easily lead to a surge of stress hormones that can disrupt the sexual arousal process. And this means it can make achieving an erection rather tricky.

Just keep in mind to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep when you go to bed and you’re good to go.

Stay hydrated.

Apart from keeping you feeling cool and refreshed, water also has a key benefit in the body: it helps maintain the elasticity of blood channels like veins, arteries and blood vessels.

And if you’ve been following for a while now, you probably already know that your blood flow picks up when things get extra steamy in the bedroom. Just imagine what will happen when your blood channels aren’t working like they should while at it.

Besides making you prone to weak erections that will fizzle out sooner than you’d like to, there is also a possibility that you won’t get hard at all.

Make sure you load up on at least 8 glasses of water daily. You can also drink fresh fruit juices in the process.

Make exercise a regular habit.

Making it a point to sweat it out in a regular basis helps keep the function of your circulatory system up to par.

You are also training your body to become stronger and resilient during physically taxing activities during the same.

I’m  not saying that you should do hardcore gym routines to pull this off. Simply having a vigorous bout of brisk walking and slow jogging for at least 25 minutes daily should do the trick.