how to improve erections naturally

Learn how to keep the intensity of your erections with these simple pointers...

Learn how to keep the intensity of your erections with these simple pointers…

Maintaining the intensity of your erections is definitely a priority if you’d like to always give your lover an unforgettable time between the sheets.

However, going for the wrong methods to do just that will only lead to more harm than good sooner than you think.

Now while there are countless medicines and creams available these days that claim they can easily help you keep the intensity of your erections at maximum, you’re also putting yourself at risk of going through a number of health problems like hypertension and irregular heart rate while doing so.

So if you’re looking to maintain and improve your erections without having any horrible side effects in the long run, here are a few simple pointers that you should keep in mind…

Free yourself from severe anxiety.

Worrying too much can easily affect your ability to achieve and maintain a stable erection. It’s because the brain sends alarm signals all over your body that spike your adrenaline levels, which only make you rather jittery and extremely nervous.

Make it a point to learn how to get rid of excessive levels of stress properly. Two of the simplest solutions you can go for are engaging in sports or taking up a hobby. Neglecting to do so can eventually result to your erections getting weaker and weaker.

Eat a lot of blueberries.

Blueberries contain some of the highest levels of antioxidants found in nature. Apart from effectively shielding you from various inflammations, infections and other health problems, these antioxidants also help keep your blood flow optimal, which is the top requirement when it comes to getting strong erections.

Just to make things even more awesome, blueberries are also loaded with soluble fiber that flushes bad cholesterol out of the body before they are absorbed into the bloodstream. Excessive bad cholesterol tends to stick along the linings of arteries and clog them up. Besides weakening your erections, you’re also in for heart disease and stroke in the long run.

Kick the habit.

Smoking is one vice you should definitely keep clear from if you’re looking to maintain your ability to get strong erections. Apart from making you smell like an ashtray and stain your teeth, nicotine also accumulates along the blood vessels and arteries and blocks normal blood flow.

Sweat it out.

Exercise plays a very significant role in having strong erections when you need one. It basically strengthens your heart, which supplies the blood to the erectile tissues of your penis. A vigorous 30-minute exercise regimen every day will already do the trick.